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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnnewbie, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. lawnnewbie

    lawnnewbie LawnSite Member
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    I have been trying to get commerical lawn with little results. Am I starting to late in the year. Is it possible to still get some. If it is, how do I go about doing it. Do I just go up to the business and ask them.
  2. landscaper3

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    We maintain many banks and schools along with bank sr locations like MBNA, also condominiums. It took us years to be set up with property management companies and town districs. They seen how our lawns turned out along with a steady reputation since 1988, It takes years to get in this place but you want to start looking at property management companies, they are in charge of 80% of commercial and condominiums. They provide everything from a-z and thats why most companies go with a management company to relive them from spending all that effort to review and hire. You must be insured, licenced if applicable in your area and most times bonded. They want references and even residential will work. Keep at it, try for dr offices and other small businesses that probley have an in house accountant to get yourself some references then go for the big fish!!! Stay with residential if your solo! We have up to 8 employees in summer and 8-10 in winter but we started with residential worked and then added commercial crews as years went by.
  3. bastalker

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    I think your a little late this year...Most commercial accounts are reviewing and accepting bids in March...Up in New England anyways.
    Start hitting them up in Feb. and ask them if they are accepting bids. Then just go for it..:)
  4. yardman1

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    It is never to late around here most big commercial accounts take bids in the fall to have you lined up for the new year, but I say that and I picked on up about a month ago. Start looking around and just go in and ask, it cannot hurt anything.

    PRO PROPERTY CARE LawnSite Member
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    this is my first season. I made alot of phone calls, sent out letters ...
    I have bid on 2 large accounts. One is a industy site, the other is a 80 unit town house for 2 years , includeing snow plowing, aeration, spring and fall clean ups and gardens.......
    It just takes being in the right place at the righ time I think.
    they only thing they need from me is insurance and wsib for employees.
    If you present your self well , they dont really care too much if
    your new or not...
    I have 2 large churches and a cemetary signed now......
    good luck
  6. Gravely_Man

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    I agree that most of the commercial accounts have already been scooped up but it is never too late. I would send out some letters and make some calls. Some cutters will also go out of business during the season. If nothing else this helps you get a foot in the door and lets the customers know you are interested.


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