How do you dig/trench around irrigation?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Popper357, Mar 9, 2006.

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    I have a couple leads on landscaping where: one I'm digging a hole for a pond and another I'm trenching for a french drain. Both properties have irrigation and I need to figure out where the lines are so I dont' damage anything, and be able to inticipate repairs. Can you experienced guys look at a system and see aprox where lines will be by the component locations or is there some trick I can use. Thanks
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    Finding the pipes is hard. This idea is crazy but it works. I take a piece of copper welding wire, bend on end about 6" to make a 90 degree bend, take apart a bic pen, place the short the short end in the pen. hold your arm so it it forms a square. Make sur the long end of the wire is perpendicular to the ground, walk slowly across the lawn. This is the crazy part. The rod will rotate and swing parallel to the pipe. It is just like witching a well. It really works. I use it all the time. Customers laugh at me until they see it works.:cool2:
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    I found this to work on lines that contain water, but the zone lines are empty.
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    Guess I'm just having trouble picturing this in my head. I'm used to divining rods, but I just can picture what it is your describing. Any chances of a picture?
  5. Idahopondman

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    I am a little slow today I have been out camping with the Boy Scouts It was cold last night.

    I will get you a picture it might take me a day or two. I will see what I can do

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