How do you dump a client nicely who has vicious dogs?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Alphanguy, May 15, 2019.

  1. Alphanguy

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    I've finally made the decision to dump a client whose dogs I am TERRIFIED of. they are boxers, and every time I walk past the back of the house, they jump up about 5 feet on the sliding glass doors, with a BAM! like they are going to break them down, and growl and just generally act like they want to chew your arm off. This customers has always had the dogs inside when I come to do work, but recently, her son let these monsters out in the FRONT yard, and I luckily was 10 feet from my truck and was able to hop in. I just can't deal with the anxiety of it anymore... suggestions for letting her down easy? My best friend who works with me is a dog breeder also, and HE said he is afraid of them. Wev'e been best friends for 35 years, and I have NEVER heard him say that. The man who comes to scoop the poop for this client is afraid of them as well, and carries his gun on him while at her house.
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  2. Charles

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    A pooper scooper is going to shoot his clients dogs? May be in the wrong business:dizzy::laugh:
    I am afraid of your dogs. So I won't be coming back. Been fun.
    How hard is that?
  3. Charles

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    Pooper scooper: Sorry Maam, I had to shoot your dogs. I guess you won't be needing me anymore. Huh? They did poop after I shot them. So I will throw in one last scoop for free . Hope that eases the pain some:laugh:
  4. Bunton Guy

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    I usually try and tell the client a few weeks before I end their service that we will be discontinuing service on XYZ date. That gives them some time to find someone else.

    VERY brief reason of why. Most of the time I state : In an effort to conserve fuel & time we are condensing our lawn maintenance route, unfortunately your lawn now fall outside of our service area. On XYZ date we will be terminating any future services effective immediately.
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  5. sjessen

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    Tell them the truth.
  6. Cjames808

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    I hate/am afraid/don’t like/ your dogs. I quit.
    Sorry. It not you it’s me or your dogs.
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  7. EricC

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    I don't think any excuse needs to be made, just give them the truth. "I'm sorry to have to do this, but I am worried about my/crew safety. We will not be able to service your property any more."

    Having trained a few dogs for sport, personal, and police not many scare me, but I don't want to test it either. Getting bit hurts LOL I still have a nice divot in my leg from my own dog thru a bite suit and she's a sweetheart I swear.

    But if you don't feel safe, just tell them. patio glass is pretty strong and most dogs once that barrier is removed either don't act so aggressive, or will only try to bite you if you're not looking. But again, why test it, and if you don't feel safe, you don't get hazard pay to continue.

    and the dog pooper scooper needs a new line of work. If your job is dogs, learn how to deal with them or find a new line of work.
  8. zlandman

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    Couple years ago I had a customers dog bite me while trimming. I told her and ask she keep them inside while I'm there. Her response was we don't know when you're coming and the dogs are on a schedule so this is when I have to let them out.

    As soon as the check cleared for her outstanding bills I sent a letter saying I won't be servicing her property anymore
    Didn't give a reason, but I think its obvious.
  9. zlandman

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    Should add I love dogs - a lot. But next time i get attacked I'm taking it down with my bare hands.
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  10. JLSLLC

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    I’m not taking care of your property because of your dogs. Thanks for the business.

    Shouldn’t be any harder than that.
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