How do you dump a client nicely who has vicious dogs?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Alphanguy, May 15, 2019.

  1. rippinryno

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    Have you even actually met the dogs. It's fairly common for dogs to act like they want to tear you arm off, then they come up and lick you. My dogs both do that. Neither one of them would hurt a fly, but if they're in the house or the fence and somebody's walking around the yard, you'd think they would murder you and they'll chase you down too, but they won't bite or harm a soul. 99% of the time, what the dog does is a direction of what the human does. take off running, expect to be chased.

    Maybe ask if you can meet the dogs, or verify if they would hurt you? That's the way to keep the customer rather than assuming these things are man eaters.
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  2. Wye Oak Tree

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    Dropped a customer this winter because 2 dogs would go crazy trying to bite the spinning trimmer head. Then they started to try and bite the tires of the mower and or the bark closely at the chute.
    Way too nerve wracking and risky.

    As soon as I shut the equipment down they calmed down and you could pet them. Maybe they hate John Deere?:laugh:

    Anyway I called the owner an told her about the dogs. She understood.
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  3. OP

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    I've not. She never offered... and I don't want to. Let's be clear, the man who scoops the poop told he that these particular dogs are the only ones he's afraid of. She also has a "beware of dog" sign on the fence outside her back gate. she always brings them in when I come to service her property... but all it takes is once, dogs are ALWAYS getting out, either by accident, or some other person in the house not realizing I'm out there... you name it.
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  4. Doc8406

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    i guess you could wear one of these when you service that yard..

  5. GreenscapeCT

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    LMAO !
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  6. rippinryno

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    You should ask the owner if the dogs mean harm. It's not to be trusted entirely but will give you a good idea. The man who scoops the poop says this based on what? Has he been bitten? I also have a beware of dogs sign, yet, again, my dogs are harmless.

    Wouldn't hurt to ask her if they mean harm or if they are friendly, you an at least find out before you quit.
  7. EricC

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    i alluded to that earlier, many dogs lose the 'tude when the barrier is taken away so to speak. It's very common actually. then they usually fall into 2 groups, the "hey you're cool" group and the, "I'm going to bite you in the ass, ankle or hand when you turn away and then run" group. once in a while you'll get the ones that really going to hurt you, then you better have a plan :)

    But either way you go, ask her, meet the dogs etc would be fine. There is a chance they are good enough dogs. If I were to go that route it would be me deciding, not her telling. I've met too many people that had no idea what was on the end of their leash to trust a strangers assessment of their dog. But telling her you can't continue for that reason is fine too. if you're not comfortable, you're not comfortable. No reason to put yourself in that situation if you don't want to.
  8. Gus McGee

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    Tell them the truth. Tell them you are concerned about your or your crews safety and that you cannot service the account anymore.

    Also, never listen to homeowner's if they say their dogs are harmless or don't bite. I've been bitten twice in my life while doing this work, both times on sales appointments and both times the homeowner said their dog doesn't bite.
  9. weeze

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    i've never been scared of any dog. if they come at me a swift kick to the mouth will shut them down real quick. if they bite your arm or something then gouge their eyes out with your fingers then sue the owners for millions and be set for life.

    if you have to carry a baseball bat and take it out when you step out of the truck. if they come at you then start swinging and knock them out cold.

    ...chances are they will always be in the house so you have nothing to worry about.

    most every dog out there is all bark and no bite. only a few are trained to be killers and those deserve death so they don't hurt anyone.
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  10. EricC

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    The ones that actually have killed usually aren't trained. it's all instinct and bad temperament in a pack of 2 or more.

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