How do you dump a client nicely who has vicious dogs?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Alphanguy, May 15, 2019.

  1. hackitdown

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    A 14 year old boy that was hired to take care of some dogs was killed 4 days ago in Massachusetts. He took care of the dogs on a regular basis.
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    My sister was almost killed by two guard dogs (Rottweilers) that managed to jump over their fence as she was walking by in a neighborhood. They would have killed her if her friend wasn't there to tear them off, hitting and kicking them enough to scare them off. That got the attention of the neighbors and the dogs were restrained.

    Mean dogs are nothing to mess with. Her arm got torn up and they were going for her neck. They were put down after that, and the rich ***hole who owned them had to pay damages.
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  3. Cam15

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    You must be in farm country, correct?
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  4. Cam15

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    I remember reading a story on the news about a Vietnam Vet that was walking his dog when a Rottweiler charged his dog. He calmly pulled a hand gun out and shot the dog twice. And he was on the news as being cruel to animals!? The owner of the dog that attacked his dog was complaining about him shooting the dog twice instead of once!? Our world is full of morons....o_O:wall:
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    That is funny!!! I don't think I would be scooping poop for dogs I was afraid of. And who the heck has a hired pooper scooper? Must be nice. Never knew anyone that had that hired out. They must have a butler too lol

    The only dog I ever had that gave me a difficult time was a little ankle biter. It kept nipping at the string trimmer and going crazy and the owner wouldn't let her in when I was servicing the back. So, after a couple of times of dealing with it, I was weed eating a nice sandy spot and let's just say the little dog may have got a slight sand blasting job :laugh: I never had an issue with it again.
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    I refuse to go into backyards when dogs are present. Not so much out of fear as the possibility of them getting out and running off. Not worth it.
  7. landscaper22

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    I'm just glad I don't have any yards that the owner has dogs any longer. It is usually a hassle. Some are not bad. I actually had one of my best former customers that had a huge Akita that was easy to deal with and knew how to handle me being in the back yard. He wasn't scared of me or the mower but he knew how to stay out of my way and he had a certain bathroom spot where I didn't have to mow so I didn't have to deal with crap all over the yard. I loved that dog, and looked forward to seeing him each time I serviced.

    But like Sjessen said, normally, you risk letting them out, risk stepping in their crap, and also I had a customer that normally left the dogs in the yard but they needed to be brought in before I could mow, and the customer was almost never home. That drove me nuts trying to coordinate when to service. I work off a schedule and a certain route. No more of that. I only have to deal with cat ladies now. No more dog ladies :clapping:
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  8. Erik R

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    Do it formally in an email.

    Mr. John Doe,

    After careful consideration, we have concluded that we will have to discontinue services due to the risk of injury posed by your dog. Although we are a pet-friendly company we understand that some can become territorial when a stranger enters their area. We greatly appreciate your business and if circumstances were to change we would gladly reinstate services. We hope that you can understand. Please call if you would like to discuss this matter.
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  9. iand

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    Obviously shouldn't have shot the dog twice he wasted that 2nd bullet it should have gone into the owner not the dog
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  10. sjessen

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    While reading this thread I wonder if it would of use to do a video of the dogs as they are acting out while the op or his crew are on premises. The video could be kept for evidence and/or sent to the homeowner. Many are unwilling to believe that their dog/child would ever behave badly.
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