How do you dump a client nicely who has vicious dogs?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Alphanguy, May 15, 2019.

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    The only time I have been bitten it was my own fault because I had gotten slack and couldn't be bothered putting him behind a gate,He just sort of grabbed the back of my leg I don't know who got the bigger shock me or the him but I didn't see him after that and I worked out that every visit from then on he hid under the house while I was there
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    IF a dog is attacking you, a gun is likely a terrible weapon. Most people can't hit a stationary target under perfect conditions, very few can respond when adrenaline gets pumping and most shots will miss completely, even from 5 feet away. More likely to injure someone else than the dog. Better off carry a walking stick. Safer your and the people around you.

    I looked up an article, the name of the owner sounds really familiar. I think he may have done some dog sports I used to do, but I've been out of them for a while now. I don't know him, but I'm pretty sure I was at a trial with him 10 years ago or so. Small world.

    Bad situation, big dogs in a pack situation, unfamiliar kids, etc. Recipe for disaster and tragedy struck. simple solution, dogs are out only 1 at a time and if unfamiliar with dogs, no dogs out period. Especially if a kid.

    indoor outdoor runs with a guillotine style door between, open and let them outside from safely on the other side of the gate. Close behind them, go in clean kennel, food, water, etc. Leave kennel, open door to let them in to eat etc. Move on to next kennel. No interaction needs to even occur, let alone with 4 together at once. That poor kid and family. I can't even think about having to bury a child.
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    Or a cat.
    Better yet, a squirrel. If a dog comes at you, release the squirrel.

    Problem solved.

    buried our daughter in 1983. Still hurts.
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    Little Johnny or fido would never bite anyone :dizzy:
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    Have only been bitten by dogs that don’t bite anyone or so their owners say.
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    we still don't even know if these dogs are actually vicious.
  7. weeze

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    we do have farms around here. heck i see wild coyotes running around during the day time sometimes here. i'll be mowing a yard and one goes trotting across the pasture next door. i've never had one attack me though. if they come at me they are no match for a 1400lb ztr mower. i'll give them a haircut they'll never forget. :laugh:
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    boxers usually aren't vicious dogs. i've never seen one that was. vicious dogs are pit bulls and such and even most of them are nice.
  9. jonthepain

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    The boxers I've known are pretty high strung. I've never been bitten by one, however.
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    yeah they can be hyper acting but they don't usually attack people. they may jump up on you and lick you and stuff which is gross.
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