How do you estimate exactly your costs, fuel, insurance, pay?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by syzer, Nov 4, 2000.

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    I know its very important to know these things but its a little tricky to know your exact fuel consumption on a job, or your maintenance coast and insurance. How do you guys do it? Take a monthly bill and divide it over your properties? I hear ppl say its very important to know your cost almost to the cent but sheesh im having a rough time here, i did a quick estimate and came up with 21.90 as costs per job. Does this sound correct?


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    No estimating needed, you can calculate your exact cost of doing business.

    If you have all your cost figures for a certain period, and the number of hours the equipment was used during that same time period, just put that 3rd grade math to work and you will have your answer posthaste. I use numbers from 1999 to calculate 2000 cost, and I will use 2000 numbers to calculate next years cost per hour.

    I assume 21.90 is a per hour? Could be correct, mine is in the same general area.
  3. syzer

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    That price is per job, but we just started and arent full time so i really cant add up the hours and the cost because they dont get used a whole lot =(, so its kind of tricky.



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