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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tthomass, Mar 2, 2007.

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    Curious how some of you caluclate your mulch to have an idea of what thickness you do. I usually do a yard for every 350ft2.
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    350 sf, that is less than an inch deep.

    A yard has 27 cubic feet (3'x3'x3').

    An inch is 0.0833 feet. So if you take a measurement of the area you want to cover and multiply by 0.0833, that is how much mulch you need in cubic feet for each inch of depth you want.

    If you want 2", multiply that by two, ....

    Then divide the number of cubic feet by 27 and that is how many yards you need.

    one yard =
    1" depth x 324 SF

    So you could just divide 324 and divide by how many inces thick you want to put it.

    This is always subject to how much mulch you are actually getting when you buy your mulch.
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    Get your sq. footage (L x W) multiply that by the number of inches of mulch then divide by 324 (324 sq.ft. in a yard) that should give you a round about figure. 350 sq. ft. x 1 in. = 350, 350 divided by 324 = 1.08 yards aprox.
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    Also do a search for "mulch calculator". Someone posted a great one here some time back. It is in Excel format I beleive. Hope this helps.
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    When you do get the information you need put it in a bid book so you can quickly refer back to it when you are doing other bids. This was a great times aver when I was doing landscape bids. Everything listed in unit price format, keeps you from second guessing yourself helps turn the bids out quickly.
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    Perfect... I was just searching tonight for this info. Thanks guys!!!
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