How do you get banned?

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by LawnMower, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. chuckwk

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    "A troll is deliberately crafted to provoke others with the intention of wasting their time and energy. A troll is a time thief. To troll is to steal from people. That is what makes trolling heinous.

    Trolls can be identified by their disengagement from a conversation or argument. They do not believe what they say, but merely say it for effect.

    Trolls are motivated by a desire for attention by people and can't or won't acquire it in a productive manner.

    Someone may be insufferable, infuriating, fanatical, and an ignorant idiot to boot without being a troll.

    Also note that a troll isn't necessarily insulting, snide, or even impolite. Only the crudest, most obvious, forms of trolling can be identified so easily.

    If you find yourself patiently explaining, at length and in great detail, some obscure point to someone who isn't even being polite to you, then you are probably being trolled."
  2. Lazer_Z

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    Thank You very much Chuck
  3. chuckwk

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    no problem .....
  4. LawnMower

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    I was searching for some subject such as double blades, or something. Thats when I noticed some of the guys that had post's were banned. I then looked at there previous posts to see if they said something really bad. I couldn't find much.

    The next step was to ask someone who knew why they were banned.

    thank you for the responses.
  5. chuckwk

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    from KC, MO
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    Chances are ... if whatever they posted got them banned that particular post would have been removed from the public forums.
  6. Martino

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    Trolls are also the little guys with the funny hair and big ears that live under the bridge.
  7. cajuncutter

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    I think I would rather be accused of gnomeing :D not trolling
  8. dmbmikee

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    People actually do that ****? Man that sucks! Like we don't already have enough popups and other invasive advertising. :mad:
  9. 1MajorTom

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    There are no popups on this site. You must be mistaken.
  10. dmbmikee

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    Sorry for the ambiguity. I meant in comparison to the volume of advertising internet users are already faced with (nothing to do with this site).

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