how do you get business this late in the year?(Nash, TN)

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by joelpcox, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. joelpcox

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    Hello all,
    Good forum. I am a web designer and have seen plenty of shabby ones (by shabby, I mean poorly moderated or distasteful).

    I am try to start my own LCO. I have worked on and off for another LCO, so I have a little work experience. I have good equipment for getting started. I wish to go full time when possible (wife also). Enough junk, here's some of my questions:

    1. Is it too late in the year to get started?
    2. What methods do you use to get customers (how to approach)?
    3. I have read a lot here already, but does anyone have any tips for getting started in our area? I am in Smyrna, but not afraid to drive a few minutes for business ($$).
    4. What is the key to finding contracts (that pay year round), as opposed to per cut? I don't want to go broke in the winter.

    Thanks for your advice!
  2. imograss

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    most people that dont service their own lawn have already found someone to do so by now, however i get several people that either have mower problems or just dont want to do it in the summer. almost always they have me continue to do it from then on. i dont advertise for new customers i simply get new ones by refferals of current customers that are happy with my services and dont mind sending my services to friends and neighbors. if you get your foot in the door in a nice subd. and do a nice dependable job you shoul have no problem. hope this helps.
  3. jkelton

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    Although I am not an LCO, I am in the landscaping industry and I see a lot of landscapers in the area. I agree with imograss - what I can tell you is this: Do a good job, treat the customers with respect, and the customers will remember you and tell other people. I travel around the Mid-Tenn area to do jobs and I can tell you from my experiences that getting into the right area is a key component for you. Simply put, hone your skills, then go where the money is at. You'll find out pretty quick that you will probably be driving west on 840 to get good, higher paying clients who don't mind paying for a good job. But before you do this, practice good mowing and landscaping techniques before you venture to this area - guys in this area are generally meticulous at their work because clients expect (and demand) perfection. This is not to say that where you are at there are not enough potential clients to keep you going and be able to grow, but there is definitely a larger concentration of higher paying clients west of you (you can probably guess where I am referring to). Again, hone your skills to the appropriate level of clientel you wish to market to and good luck!
  4. Rhett

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    Get your name out there. Try some hangers or a small add in the paper. Not a huge influx but am getting calls steadily from people that it is just too hot. Also talk with some of the other LCOs. Receiving referrals from those that have began commercial work or just bit off more than they could chew.

    Good Luck

    Oops sorry thought iwas in a diffrent forum, still wish you luck
  5. joelpcox

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    from TN
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    Much thanks to everyone who has responded so far!

    Jkelton, I am very familiar with the Brentwood/Franklin/Cool Springs area; I worked for a software company there for 3 years. You are almost certainly correct about the $$$ in that area. I hope to get clients closer to home to start and then perhaps grow into that direction as possible.

    Additional comments from anyone are appreciated:D
  6. CoachLinz

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    I just started my own company 2 weeks ago. I have good equipment and the ability to present myself and my business in a professional manner (I teach business and computers full-time and spent a number of years in the business world prior to teaching). In 2 weeks I have 3 mulch jobs, 3 landscaping jobs, and 4 weekly lawns already lined up and a 5th lawn set to start next month after their pool is finished being built. You can get customers now, it just takes some work. Flyers and word of mouth referrals are what is working for me. The keep is professionalism and working smarter, not harder. Also, contact other, large lawn care companied. Sometimes, if they can't handle additional work, they will refer the people to someone like ourselves. I have a friend who started in this business 5 years ago and that is how he got nearly all of his customers.

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