How do you get commercial accounts?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LCCaptain, Mar 25, 2012.

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    2 ways, go ask the manager of the store about who to talk to, or if its done out of the main office google head quarters of ______________ and that will get you the office phone number. Don't call the consumer number, your wasting your time. Plus you get to talk to a human!
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    Thanks. I thinks it's to late now but I will ask around in my area and see when they start excepting bids for lawn care.
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    Try "Blind Bids". Just drop off bids to commercial properties that you want to deal with. Again, like someone posted previously, talk to the guy in charge.
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    Door to door is ALWAYS the best way to get business. They aren't going to seek you out unless like the above posts state word of mouth. Sometimes folks will post something in the newspaper but most of the time it's a pretty quick turn around.
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    How do you go about measuring the property/parking lot prior to submitting the bid & at a minimum, speaking with someone about the property.
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    Google maps measuring tool or go walk the property after hours, or if its standard you can tell the size by pulling into the business.
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    Anything through a management company is a waste of your time. They are geared towards large companies who bid cheap to keep crews working. Talk to people you know, chances are they have a friend who runs/owns a business. Also the Chamber of Commerce idea is a great way to get a foothold with other business owners to sell your services to in person.
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    I do work for a few property management companies who let me charge whatever I want as long as its in reason.
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    The 2 large property management companies I deal with are continental service solutions out of Illinois and Carlson building services out of Minneapolis Minnesota. Both have been a piece of cake to deal with. No pics or paperwork and I charge what I want. The owner and my manager from Carlson actually came down to meet me at the account I have through them. Then I work for a local property management company and he just texts me when they need something done with the address and I invoice him with the bill (I rarely need price approval anymore) and he direct deposits the money 20 days later. One company I tried was miken construction. That became a pain and it was getting worse so I dropped them. They set the prices and a mountain of paperwork and pictures that were really unpaid . It was stupid.
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