How do you get mulch to the site?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MOWEMJEFF, Apr 4, 2008.


    MOWEMJEFF LawnSite Senior Member
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    If your doing large mulch jobs does anyone ever have the nursery bring the mulch to the site for them? I've always done the trucking myself and for the most part will continute to do so but I have a couple jobs lined up where I'll need 8 or more yards and I don't have a dump bed. I'm debating whether or not I should have them deliver it to the site for me to save on time and labor.
  2. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

    KeystoneLawn&Landscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    Anything over 4 or 5 yards I have deliverd. Its well worth what they charge for delivery compared to making multiple trips. While they drive I do my work.
  3. Noreast Landscape

    Noreast Landscape LawnSite Member
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    Find out the delivery charge and charge it to the customer, much easier and no machanical headaches and no gas.
  4. jaybird24

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    from midwest
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    Depends, under 12 yards I'll take it in the dump trailer, over I usually have it delivered. If it is a spread out property though I'll usually haul it so I can drive it to where I need it, instead of 1 big pile, plus if your not on site when they deliver it they never put it where you tell them to.
  5. supercuts

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    if dont have a dump bed/trailer, your limited for sure. the most efficient way to do mulch is rake/scoop it right out of the back of a dump. in your case you may just want to have it delievered, but you better have a pretty good feel of how much you need, it will cost you $$ if they have to come out a second time. my advice is to look for a used ez dump insert for the back of a truck asap, it will make you lots of $$ in many areas. dont you have a friend working for the city that can use a city truck for you?? just kidding
  6. bruno_rs

    bruno_rs LawnSite Member
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    i agree a dump insert is the best way to go, EVEN if you're doing a just few mulch and/or clean up jobs. a decent used insert shouldn't cost more than 1000-1200 and well worth the investment. for small lco's, the insert is a necessity!!! moreover, when it comes time to replace the truck it can easily be removed and/or transferred to another truck. my (lawn) truck is a 9 ft. flatbed and having a compact loader/backhoe (kubota 3450), i can put the insert on and/or take it off in minutes. the truck is set up to haul my two zt riders (48" and 52") along with all the other equipment i used to put on my 12 ft trailer. i'm looking to pick up a 10k lb. dump trailer to kart around the kubota and at the same time give me even more versatility and/or options. keep your eyes and ears open for good used insert... they're out there and WILL pay for itself the very 1st time it's used!!! have a good one. good luck.
  7. PerfectEarth

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    I am fortunate enough to have both a dump bed 550 and a dump trailer- the trailer is simply the BEST tool for mulching jobs. You can move it around and reposition it, tilt the bed to scoop off the smooth floor... don't need to worry about double-handling left-overs. It just makes the job so clean. I'd hate to have to scoop off a driveway or road (I know it's done often)... then clean up all the overspill and extras.

    MOWEMJEFF LawnSite Senior Member
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    Problem is I'm running an f150 so an insert is kinda outta the question, and I plan on upgrading to at least a 3/4 ton within the next few months and putting an insert in that so I think a dump trailer would be a waste of money for now. My bank won't finance an auto for me because I only have 1 year of tax returns and they require 2 years for self employment so I'm gonna have to buy one outright, hopefully by Memorial day i'll be able to afford a decent used one in the 10-15k range.

    For now I have a load-handler which works better then nothing, I just wheel barrow about half of it then can just roll the rest right out of the back, I try to back up so i'm on top of a bed whenever possible so whatever i roll out can just be spread there without extra carting around.
  9. bruno_rs

    bruno_rs LawnSite Member
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    hey mowem, i've seen many guys, in my area, running around in 1/2 tons with dump inserts. if the load seems a little much for the (stock) springs they can easily be beafed up for a couple hundred bucks. in the price range you're looking (10-15k) you should be able to find a nice 4wd diesel with a dump insert AND plow all ready to go to work. i always buy cash and work my way up to nicer and/or newer equipment. if you picked up an older truck and installed an insert, it wouldn't be long before you could buy a nicer set up AND sell the older one to someone just starting out. moreover, you'd probably recoup MOST of your money for the older truck/insert. there's only so much you can do with the set up you have now. how much is the load handler stressing and/or saving your most important piece of equipment ... you? the key to this business is work smart NOT hard. i would NEVER be without an insert... it's a life saver and much more veritile (for my needs) than a dump truck!!! just my .02... good luck. have a good one.

    LTONFIREMEDIC LawnSite Member
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    I'VE found that a 16x20 tarp in the bed of my 6x12 trailer will hold 5+yards. the tarp works like a papoose in that it cradles the load and you can lace some small rope thru grommets to keep it snug and not letting it fly all over road. (some areas require the load covered anyway)usually i'm spreading it over an extended area. so i drive as close as possible and start chunkin'.

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