How do you get rid of "clumps"?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Bowbender, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Bowbender

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    I had a potential customer ask me to bid on renovating their lawn. The lawn is about 10 years old, and recently the owners have noticed more and more "clumps" of broad bladed grass in their lawn. It is not crab grass, just clumps of a different type of grass that is invading their lawn. Any advice on what to do? Should I remove the sod and start over, or is there some way to treat this. Has anyone ran into this before? Thank you.
  2. Mark Bogart

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    First identify what type of grass is taking over there lawn. What percentage of grass is desirable and non-desirable?
  3. Gmgbo

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    I just harley rake it and start over. I think the clumps are tall fescue
  4. Exact Rototilling

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    Harley Rake? how much do those walk behind units run?

    Just when I though I had all the basics covered for my lawn renovation business yet another spendy piece of equipment is tempting me. :rolleyes:

    How about just using the flail bar aggressively on my Bluebird instead since I own that already. :)

    Looks like a sweet piece of equipment for final grading regardless.
  5. Runner

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    It is Tall fescue, and do NOT harley rake over it. You will have this stuff spread all over in the next 5 years. It needs to be eradicated. Either treat it with glyphosate (should be done a couple of times 2 weeks apart to ensure you get it all), OR, you can use a product such as Corsair. There is also a technique tat we us that is very economical, much less invasive, and works well, but if i told anyone, I'd have to kill them.:gunsfirin:eek:

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