How do you get up leaves

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by grassmasterswilson, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. grassmasterswilson

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    Here in North Carolina I get up leaves on a regular basis so if you include mowing and leaves our season is about 10 months or so. I use a walker most of the time to vaccum up the leaves. It does a great job on the high end properties, but not so good on the "goat tracks."

    I was thinking of using the walker to get most of them up. Then using an accelarator grass catch or other brand on the side of my hustler to get the left overs. I could then use the hustler when there were very little leave left.

    Good idea? How do you do it? We can leave the leaves in piles for a city vaccum truck, but this doesn't come on a regular basis. we can use bags or compost cans and the city will pick up once a week
  2. doubleedge

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    Mulching first and then bagging works very well for me; the debris is much more compacted and thus doesn't need to be dumped as often. Additionally, it reduces the leaves enough so that they don't blow out of the bagging mower's deck. It looks good is much faster than bagging alone.
  3. HustlerRider

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    I mulch them up with my Hustler then pick them up with the Lesco & Accelarator.
  4. yardguy28

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    i do a similar process as doubleedge.....

    i don't have mulch kits on any of my mowers so i throw the catcher on the 52" and start mowing. i let the bag fill up and keep going until i've made one pass over the property. this mulches the leaves up a bit and actually leaves little wind rows of leaves.

    i dump the catcher and make a second pass at a different pattern. sometimes i can make this second pass over everything before i need to dump again and sometimes i have stop and dump the catcher. no more than i would if i were bagging grass in the spring though.

    i dump everything into my truck bed. although the city does come by twice during the fall season for those that put there leaves in a pile at the curb. but this looks unprofessional from an LCO in my opinion.
  5. brianslawncare

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    we mulch them also than bag, but sometimes their is a little bit the mower didnt pickup so i rake whats left over. i like to mulch it reduces it down and we can get more in my dump. when i first started i used a tow behind broom but it filled up fast. we didnt mulch them either. but it served the purpose at the time.i have a old john deere 316 with a power flow bagger that i use for leaves it works great. over the winter im going to remove the bagger and put it on my scag turf tiger and sell the deere.
  6. grassmasterswilson

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    thanks. my walker is great, but showing its age. It could be that the blower needs replacing, but don't have that much longer in leaf season. I just can't allow anything to sit in the shop for a few days at this point.
  7. Robert Pruitt

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    there are two threads about this going on now.

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