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How do you guys get 3-4x's the price of lawn cut for leave clean up?


LawnSite Bronze Member
I look at these lawns i do and ppl want to get fall clean up. Some yards have alot of leaves some not. If i charge 40$ its very ahrd to really justify me telling them 120.00 for me to mulch up some leaves!!! Is this really how you guys do it or what guidlines do you go by? What if you have light leaf fall, what if heavy? Im stuck =(. Its kind of tricky i dont feel right telling ppl with a yard i would charge 35-40$ to cut that i want 100 for leave removal. Please give me a hand.




LawnSite Member
Ambler, Pa
Chris the way I explain it to my customers is that it usually takes me 2 1/2 times more to mulch up leaves than it does for a regular lawn cutting. Sometimes more sometimes a little less. Nobody seems to complain about being charged 2 to 3 times the price of a lawn cutting. Everyone I know hates leaves including myself. If your customers can afford to pay to have thier lawn cut they can afford to have a clean-up. It saves them a couple of saturday or sunday afternoons of raking and bagging. Wouldn't that be worth it to you?


LawnSite Senior Member
SW Missouri
It will only take a couple of low bids on leaf work for you to figure out why most charge 3 to 4 times regular mowing. Alot of guys here charge flat $45 per hour plus dump fee.


LawnSite Senior Member
as for mulching i charge twice as much as i mow .as for rakeing (or blowing )bagging and or removeing i charge by the hour 35 to 45 per hour .that way either the client or myself get screwed.always work for me


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
Early on, I gave up on quoting prices for leaf cleanup. I do the job and bill according to work/time spent. (I only do cleanup for my regular mowing customers so it makes this method easier).

Tough call them leaves. Always seems that theres more than you bargained for.


LawnSite Senior Member
southern ohio
If it's lawn only I only get maybe ten more bucks on a forty dollar lawn. A complete fall cleanup would warrant one twenty but "lawn only" means I'm just mowing over it twice and on a ztr that second cut is fast. We never haul leaves away from the customer's property. Crunched up leaves make good organic stuff and all of my customers are trained that it should stay on their property.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern, Maine
We do alot of fall cleanups and found our average $40 lawn we maintain will be $65.00 for cleanup and $65.00 disposal fee if they wish for me to take off property, out of that $65.00 fee $40 is for using our equipment to haul off the leaves and the remainder $25.00 is labor to load and unload leaves! We get more and more cleanups to do up here and mulching leaves up here is almost never a option!

Premo Services

LawnSite Bronze Member
We never haul leaves away from the customer's property. Crunched up leaves make good organic stuff and all of my customers are trained that it should stay on their property. [/B][/QUOTE]

"trained that it should stay on their property"
THATS GOOD,all of my customers have place to put mulched leaves, or community does curb pickup,except for two customers that insist on me hauling away, I charge a very high price for this, but they still want it done. I don`t like doing leaves, but hate to have to haul them away.On all spring and fall cleanups the charge is 35-45 per hour,either by bid or per hour charge.

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LawnSite Senior Member
I thank the good Lord that I'm finally able to (almost) keep up with leaves now. Bobcat Z & Trac Vac work miracles I never thought possible.
I chopped up & windrowed leaves the first half of this fall. Just this past weekend (when my Trac Vac came in) did I start bagging other than with push mower.
If it's the front yard, I mow back & forth, working them towards the curb for the city to pick up. Back gets bagged & brought up front, or worked into he woods if available.
If there's a ton of leaves, I'll mow over them 3-5 times to chop them up & then vac em. can get a whole backyard in 1 barrel full that way.
I tell people up front that leaves take 2-3 times longer, & it's cheaper & easier to keep up on it every week than to let them pile up all fall then try to get them up-UGH!
I also tell them it works out the same price-wise whether we get every week, or to wait until it's too much to tackle. Plus I tell them I have $1500 invested in my Trac Vac, plus $8000 in my Bobcat. That usually convinces them why I charge more for leaves.
If that doesn't work, too bad. Adios muchachos. I got other people waiting in line behind them...... There's too much work out there to deal with tight wads. If you want to save money, DO IT YOUSELF DORK! ;)


LawnSite Senior Member
I've never charged extra for mulching up leaves. I make an extra pass or two and then blow away any extra afterwards.


I should be charging for extra time spent, and would charge a bundle to have to clean out the landscape beds, shrubs, and gutters of these leaves. It's not a service I mind providing, in fact I love a good, thorough cleanup job w/ hauling, but it's been very difficult to find customers willing to pay for that service at market rates.

Thanks to Lawnsite, I've learned not to take a job for under market, so it's been a pretty quiet Autumn for cleanup jobs as yet... ;)

Chris, my advice to you would be to only do the jobs you are getting a decent return on. A decent return, remember, is a job you don't hate at the price you quote! If you can charge less than 3-4 times a cut to clean up the leaves, make a profit and feel good, then do that. If, however, you come across a customer unwilling to pay the rate you would need to feel justly compensated, then pass on the job.

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