How do you guys get 3-4x's the price of lawn cut for leave clean up?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by syzer, Oct 26, 2000.

  1. Lawn Cruiser

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    Do you all just do your regular customers leaves, or do you try to soliciate just people who want leaves picked up?
  2. Toroguy

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    I agree with TGC. What I do is mulch three times, the first two I do not trim, etc. and do a partial job of blowing out beds and bushes. The final mulch I get the beds thoroughly and trim. On the last mulch I am mainly mulching the debris from beds and leaves blown on property from neighboring lawns.

    If I have to remove leaves or bag then I explain to customer that price will be based on a hourly rate.

    Lawn Cruiser,
    Due to unpredictability of snowfall I only cleanup current customers, they have paid me all year and my loyalty belongs to them. If you have a small account base then taking additional work would be wise.
  3. landscaper3

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    Did 5 cleanups today, bagged all leaves with our Walker mower's and finished them in 3.5hours and made $400.00 and didnt haul anything away. Got lucky dumped on site or would have been at least $200.00 more. Here comes next week, at least 15 more next week and then it will slow down I hope!
  4. jeffyr

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    I have been charging $25 per man hour curbside. I'm going to have to jump up quite a bit next year though. I just bought a high output blower that has me cleaning up in much less time than before. Also, it only pays to do charge like this if you have another 1 or 2 guys with you. On another post, someone had a sliding price scale.....$35 per hour with 1, $55 per hour with 2 guys. Sound like a better plan.
    The average $35 dollar house is costing about double to cleanup and cut. The final bed blowout will be longer and more $ though.

    What do you guys think ?

  5. John DiMartino

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    So far I havent done a cleanup yet-as in complete.I have been adding a bagging charge,the customers are happy with that,since leaves are still falling,next week they should be mostly gone with the high winds/rain/snow we will be getting this weekend.
  6. Yesterday I mulched up the leaves at a 1/2 acre homesite "up the mountain" at 2000 feet. This home has woods on three sides by. All the oaks had dropped and I just double cut the front with a 44" Toro and single gator blades. This particular machine (a $600 investment) has a new 12.5 OHV Tecumseh that must turn 4000 rpm.

    For the life of me I can't understand why thelawnguy has so much trouble with oak leaves for he has a $5k hydro turf tracer. It must be the design of the Toro deck I guess.
  7. Charles

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    I just tell people I do leaves by the hour and not by the job. If they don't agree I go to the next job. MOst of the time I mulch. Sometimes I vacume them up and dump somewhere on their property or in the street for the city to pick up. It all depends on the type of leaves and the volume and what the customer wants. A large volume of leaves on a dirt surface will most of the time leave piles of mulch. If I see this is going to happen I switch to the vacume. I did one last week where the leave were knee deep. Especially after I blew out the beds. And the leaves have just started to fall. I vaced that lawn and it was probabably faster than mulching. Dumped it into the woods. Because I have a 36 bushel bagger. Like having an elephant in your yard lol. Well I had to have the biggest toy :). I get plenty of huge leaf jobs. If you havn't had any experience in doing this it can be overwhelming for you some times. You have to know where to start and where to move the leaves. i don't like leaf season but it can be challenging sometime. And Its fun to see the amazed look on customer face that you were able to take care of a hard job for them so fast. It pays to keep your blades sharpe during the leaf season as with any other time
  8. toddman35

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    what kind of bagger is that 36 bushel!? what kind of mower do u use with it. thanks
  9. Charles

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    Toddman, it is an Easy Vac. Has a 8hp briggs-n-stratton Vanguard com /indust. engine. I pull it with a B9200 Kubota 4 cyl 22.5hp deisel. The bin gets pretty heavy once it is full of leaves. I have had the bagger for 3 years and no problems. Except the tubing cracks. Solution: ducttape of course lol. I had to make an additonal baffler made of screening to deflect the leaves better and keep them from shooting out of the top. The vac is very noisey with the wind volicity and I bet neighbors hate to see me coming.
  10. MOW ED

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    I just work for my weekly customers but I have picked up some good big money jobs from non-customers. The grass still grows a little on some of these properties and I charge the regular cut price until the end of October for these. The invoice shows a weekly mow and partial clean. I show up 2 more times depending on the leaf volume and the final trip I blow all the leafs out of the beds. The final invoice shows a charge which is 3 to 4 times the weekly rate and about 6x if I have removed the debris to the dump. Most jobs get me between 125 and 200 but I have 1 that is worth about 500. Its just me , my Husky backpack blower and my Walker.

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