How do you guys get treated by your Dealers?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Vikings, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Vikings

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    I'm kinda mad right now. I bought $4000 worth of lawn care stuff last spring will by 10-15 thousand this spring... anyway, my snowblower attachment belt broke. They say its a half hour job and they've had it for 10 days and counting.
    I phone them up because we are getting 10-15 cms tomorrow, I have 47 driveways and only one back up snow blower. They told me they can't move it up, there are 20 snow blowers ahead of mine, only 6 of them are contractors.

    I wished they would have made an effort to get me my snow blower on time I already contacted another dealer but they can't do it on such short notice.

    I wonder what would happen if I bought a 48" WB mower and needed to bring it in, oh just wait two weeks.
  2. carcrz

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    My mowing equipment gets fixed while I wait if they aren't too backed up. Half the time they don't even charge me if it is an easy fix. The snowblower is a different story. It is an oldie so they usually have it a week or so. I haven't had the plow worked on yet (knock on wood), but they have got me in right away for everything else.
  3. Vikings

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    Especially your plow, you're out of business when its broke unless you have two of them. That's the way it should be, if possible.

    I don't mind waiting my turn (been waiting 10 days), its a brand new snow blower $1800, 2 months old and its a simple repair and adjustment. There is still 20 snowblowers in front of me. When I told them I'm in the business of snow clearing they told me there are 20 contractors ahead of me. So I said 'all 20 of them are contractors?' and he said, 'well 6 are contractors'.

    Maybe this is karma, because when we had that bug storm 10 days ago, I had to work till midnight on New Years Eve and I got so many phones call from customers throughout the day tell me they had to get out. I told them everyone has to wait there turn because I have a route, I have to do driveways in order. Everydrive way is taking 20 mins with 31cms of snow on it.:rolleyes:
  4. JB1

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    very very rarely do we ever take a piece of equipment to a dealer to get fixed, we repair 99 percent of it ourselves. if its warranty we pull the parts off and go get them or most time we have parts on hand.
  5. Vikings

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    That thought has occurred to me as well..

    I have two mowers, a toro recycler and a super recycler. I paid $600 for one and almost a grand for the other. I limped to the end of the season with them, they both are screwed, the super recycler won't even start. I only had 25 lawns ...

    anyway, I'm thinking of doing a complete rebuild on them as well as my echo trimmer and blower but I never did such a thing before, thought I'm not completely inept.

    Is this hard stuff? any advice or books to recommend? I figured out how to build computers so I figure I can handle small engines thought it might be time consuming the first few times.

    Edit: I'm buying two Prolines and a 36 or 48 WB this spring so those two recyclers will be back up basically.
  6. JB1

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  7. RedMax Man

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    I've been very pleased with my dealer, When have to bring something in for repairs its done when he says it will and its usually 3 days at most that i have to wait. He also always gives me good reccomendations when i'm buying equipment so that i get what fits my needs best and he isn't there to sell the most expensive tools on the shelf and get as much off of me as possible. One of the best things is the owner frequently makes sure that i am please with his service and to let him know if i'm not satisfied. He just sent me a letter explaining that there hourly repair rate is going up a little this year but they are offering the old price to current regular clients for the 1st two months as well as a discount off parts. Ya its disappointing when the dealer dosn't fallow through with what they said they were going to do, it can affect the whole business.

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It's funny most say dealer support,but in my area they put you a week or longer so i have backup mowers and i fix it my self.
  9. Ed Ryder

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    Man, they treat you like crap!

    To me, it is unacceptable. Don't let them walk all over you. It's time you took that shop owner aside and had a "pow wow" and explained to him the facts of life, which is that you spent x dollars with him over the past x years, you are not a homeowner, but a contractor who must have repair needs addressed promptly, and their slow service has now put your future patronage with his shop in serious jeopardy. He needs to decide whether he wants you to remain his customer or not. Light the fire under his @ss.
  10. DBL

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    dealers are the worst around here and im not the only one that thinks that they know that theyre the only dealers around so they make no effort to make a good relationship where as my truck mechanic will

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