How do you guys handle dogs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by firstchoice1, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I have about 50 customers about 1/3 commercial 2/3 residential and of the residential I only have a few with dogs. When I get a new customer I always tell them to make sure any landmines and dog toys are picked up, I havn't had any issue yet with them. The dogs are always inside when I arrive and things seem cleaned up. However, I know my luck will only last so long. My concern is that no one will be home and their dog will be out loose in the back yard. Which leads to the problem of potentially them running out of the fence while you're going in and out, them potentially being violent, and getting in your way while working. How do you guys handle this aside from calling them everytime you head their way?


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    Try and keep on a schedule, this way the customer always knows to keep the dog inside the house that day when they are gone. I would not call every week when I am about to get to their property. For me, I rarely have problems with agressive dogs usually because when I go over to estimate the lawn I end up meeting the dog somehow, and most seem to really like me. I have had one instance where I got done mowing the lawn and the customer let the dog out and left, the dog didn't like me on their property, so they didn't get trimmed that week.
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    I do not work on lawns with dogs running around. It is dangerous for me and the dog. If the owner can not remove the dog we do not cut the grass. It just isn't worth it.
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    Dog bones, keep a baggie in the truck. Gogs are food whhores. The dog that one time acted like he hated ya , cant wait for you to show up. About 80% of my customers have dogs.

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