How do you guys have your crews?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alpine692003, Sep 26, 2004.

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    I'd like some input from you guys, how do you guys run your crews?

    Do you have a maintenance / landscaping crew?

    Then do you divide your maintenance crew?
    ie) residential maintenance crew or commercial crew?

    Then lawn crew just strictly lawns, strictly beds, strictly hedges?
  2. pjslawncare/landscap

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    I had 5 workers this summer. I own 3 rigs comprising of two 3/4 ton trucks one pulling a 16' mowing trailer with a 72" rider and two 52" wb's. The other pulling a 12' mowing trailer with a 60" & a 36" wb. Then I have a large International 1700 16' flatbed landscape truck and I have a 18' trailer for my tractor. Most days I run two mowing crews only. The larger mowers cut the larger properties (res & commercial) and smaller crew cuts smaller properties and properties with gates. When I have landscaping or bush hogging to do I will still send out a mowing crew, but I will decide if I need big truck or little truck and how many workers I will need and usually take the tractor
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    Still a solo operation, but work on the side for an old employer when he needs the help. From my experience there, you'll probably keep the landscaping and lawn crews separate....but for the cutting crews:

    Always mix resis with commercial. I've worked both ways, and trust me as an employee its much better to mix up the day a little bit. When you're on resis only you sit back and say "damn, still a ton of houses to do today." When you're on commercials you say "damn lots of grass here still to cut....this place takes forever."

    By mixing it up, you'll look at the commercials with less pain because there's only a few to do. Then, when your'e in between at the resis, you go from property to property much quicker, and it feels like you're "knocking them out pretty quick."

    Hope my "employee's view" is helpful to someone out there setting up their routes.

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