How do you guys like the slit seeders.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by MXHalofan, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. turtle

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    I think LawnSolutions sold out to Toro. Lesco was bought out by John Deere. The company I worked for had 2 Lesco s, the last time we ordered new blades for it the dealer wanted $200 a set. Don't believe me, check for yourself.
  2. nickslawnltd

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    Well used the Mattaway this week on quite a few properties. It's a brute of a machine. Seemed to do a nice job but not a machine you want to run all day in tight spots. We used to aerate and then broadcast spread the seed with decent results so I will have to see what kind of results I get now
  3. EquityGreen

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    If you can find a good lawn solution machine the 13hp models are the only way to go commercially speaking. I have 3 of them and put them to good use year after year. Lawn solutions sold out to toro and they are only making the 20 inch machines which are almost useless IMO the smaller 6.5hp machines are under powered and doesn't do as much area. I did a 8k fresh lawn today that had a ton of clumps from the sprinkler guys laying pipe and you cannot tell they were there. It's a bit late to seed but we will see how it turns out.
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  4. MXHalofan

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    Thanks Equity, I'll be looking for one!
  5. corey4671

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  6. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I found out the best way slit seed is
    1- thatch lawn with power rake one way
    2 slit seed with out seed different way
    3 sweep thatch up
    4 broadcast 1/2 of the seed Apply Lime and Fertilizer
    5 slit seed with the other 1/2 of the seed amount

    I found this works with better results vs just slit seeding
    To me seems leaving thatch and rains on it, The thatch mats back down seals up

    I get under bid on lot of jobs but in long run people learns you get what you pay for
    Im only one around here that gives a warranty Slit seeding I give 90 day and New Lawns I give 1 year
  7. MXHalofan

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    Hey Corey, how does that overseeder maneuver? I've been looking for demo video but only found the Billygoat promo, which doesn't show much actual maneuvering. LOL

    I do a bunch of 5k-7k properties and need something like the Lawn Solutions Revitalizer as far as maneuverability.

    Also how come no on wants the 20in models? Too small to get work done fast? How does the Billygoat compare to the Lawn Solutions for speed? Sorry for all the questions, after this year of killing myself, hoping I can still have children.
  8. corey4671

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    I rented a lawn solutions unit a couple of years ago and honestly, the similarities are quite striking. It almost feels like the same machine. The seed box isn't quite as big as the ls. However, after two seasons of running a non self propelled unit, it was a huge relief. There is also a sulky option for larger yards
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  9. varnerslawnservice

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    After having my mind set on the Ryan Mattaway seeder then reading how much of a beast it is I purchased the billy goat hydro drive overseeder and it is a great machine, easy to maneuver in tight areas and big enough to get jobs done quick, i seeded 20+ yards ranging from 2500 to 12000 square ft and the germination and establishment has been awesome. Billy Goat gets my vote. I am able to 2 pass a 7500sq ft yard in a little bit over an hour.
  10. MXHalofan

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    Sound good, Thanks. Do you know how well it does with a single pass and how widely spaced the blades are? Also how much seed do these units need to seed a 7500 ft sq lawn with fescue? Thanks for the info. Glad to see the good feedback on the Billy Goat. They are manufactured locally in Kansas City, I like my BG verticutter, and these units are available on ebay. Seems like the LS ones aren't easy to get. Thanks

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