how do you guys p/u leaves

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by plantzpropertymanagement, Jan 9, 2006.

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    I just mulch them with my 54 inch hustler. they are good for the soil and are not visible once cut up fine enough. usually a few extra passes are required, but I really like not piling them at the curb for city pickup (which is very slow and kills grass). they compost over the winter and gradually replace nutrients, plus feed the earthworms, etc for a more healthy soil. One thing I have noticed over several years of doing this is that many mowers will mulch faster when backed over the leaves , I think it is because of airflow under the deck and more blade hits when leaves come in the back side, as they have to travel further to discharge. Another good thing about doing it this way is that it extends our season, we still have some to finish this week. The mulch can also be used on gardens or shrubs.:drinkup:
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    yeah but how many yards can you get done and is it clean look i usally blow them in to piles then pick them up with a tarp and put them in the back of my truck then mow to give it a nice clean look but my problem is i cant fit alot in my truck luckily i have some customers that i can just dump in the woods. then i thought about getting a dump trailer building a box around it and putting a sucker on it but then i cant carry my lawn mowers or much of anything.

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    i have a box on a 1 ton dump truck with a truck loader mounted on front of trailer tha way i can still haul all my equipment
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    hey that works i need to get a dump truck or a ez dump for my truck

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    box made from 2x4 and plywood just make sure you have enough vent or box will blow apart
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    Hi, you need a leaf vac/ loader, they reduce the volume 10 to 1, you can literally fit 6 or more jobs in your fact I have a 12hp on a trailer for sale in MI, with an 8inch suction hose, for $1400 OBO......tailgaters cost $2500 new and trailers cost $3500 new....its a great deal, and is in full operation....send me an e-mail if intrested? to homelyhal@yahoo.compayup
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    we have a recently purchased homesteader dump trailer with 2x6 sides, and a wire mesh top. some of you guys have asked about the top, sorry, I forgot, but i will post some pics with the better weather. i believe the thread we started, bring on the leaves, is still in the pictures forum if you wanna check it out, we have a few pics in there.
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    Basicly just have one or two guys (depending on size of the lawn) blowing everything into the yard out of the beds and away from the edging and house. Then Just mulch mow them a dozen times and you will never know there were leaves on the lawn. Faster than bagging or tarping and no dump fees.
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    Grass is greener when all the debris is picked up. Looks alot nicer. Some clients are not stupid.

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