How do you guys politely decline a property?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GSO LAWNEN4CER, Feb 6, 2019.

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    Well this just happened today. Many year cut customer, couple year spray customer. We had tried multiple times to schedule the leaf removal they wanted. Time and Time again when we were on the street letting them know we were on the way we would get a text response of sorry gate is locked you need to come back another time. Then we got a " since you all can't get to our leaves we have hired another company to do them". So I dropped this long time customer. Not really because of that even though that was a crappy move on their part. They demand a biweekly cut. It is always a double cut because we also fert and squirt and it grows tall. So we probably lose money on it. So long story long, sorry, I dropped them today. Just told them since they have another company that company can now do it all for them. And I didn't even mention the numerous times the backyard was locked so we would spray the front and have to make a special specific trip just to come back and finish the backyard. Ridiculous.
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    No offense, Kemco. I can't imagine mowing a fertilized lawn on a 14-day least not around here in fescue country. And I'd say KBG is even worse in the Spring...just glad it can't handle our Summer heat/humidity.

    When I give an estimate to a prospective customer, I hold out a figurative bible and ask them to swear they don't fertilize AT ALL (which includes the previous Fall) if they are wanting a 14-day mowing schedule. I'll then tell them it will be up to me as to whether I can work w/ a 14-day schedule on-going since I don't know their lawn tendencies.
    From there, IFF any signs of childish hemming/hawing from them...then I'll create a polite way to quickly leave.
    As soon as I'm not interested in doing business w/ them...the estimate is over.
    Life is too short to deal w/ dillweeds. :nono: :hammerhead:
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    Refer them to your competition,
    Let them know your schedule is booked right now but abc lawncare may be interested.
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    I would just say that the property is in an
    unmaintained state and that you specialize in maintained properties. Then give then a few referrals that might be able to do it.
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    If it is over grown easy bid for the clean up And then give her a bid for regular mowing. Make sure you bid the clean up high to cover yourself. If you just dont want it tell her its a bit more than you want to take on. And thank her for offering you work.
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    I’m with ya here .. I just tell them it’s not something I want to take on and wish them good luck.

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