How do you guys spend so much in advertising?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mrusk, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. mrusk

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    Last year was my first year in business. I was afraid to advertise last year. I thought it would be a waste of $. I spent 1/2% of my gross on advertising and recived 25k worth of work because of that advertising. This year i am not fooling around. I'm running adds in news papers, service directories, lake community magazines. My ads are running in 6 different publications. Some people will be hit with my advertising 3 times since the different publications over lapse. If i run all these add the rest of the season i am look at $3700. I also mail out letters to new homeowners everyweek which will proably cost me $600 for the year.

    From what i read on this site, its average to spend 5% of gross on advertising. I am shooting for 200k gross, so that is 10k in advertising. How do i spend another $5700 in advertising. I am planning on doing a 5k direct mail 2x, which will cost around $3200 i estimate. That leaves me with another $2500 to spend.

    I do not want to just waste money. I just can not think of any other worth wild ways to advertise. The local news paper wanted $75 per a k to insert flyers which is way over priced. I was thinking of having trifold brochures made up to mail out, but i want to hold off on that until i get some photos of some breath taking jobs i hope i get. I don't think it be right to use just stock photos. What do you think?

    BTW most of my advertising is directed towards hardscapes.

  2. grass disaster

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    hire a plane with a banner.

    oh yeah and make sure they have that trail of smoke going too.
  3. cgland

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    Try a commercial or radio spots.

  4. meets1

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    Radio spots with different times - having different listners, and maybe sponser a morning, afternoon or evening talk show, or trade show, or this was brought you by XYZ Mowing Company. Maybe you already do - spend a little extra lettering your trailers, trucks, etc.
  5. J Hisch

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    You have most of your bases covered.
    Make sure you have Yellow pages ad.

    I would Sponsor, a sports team, or field.

    Start a community adopt a spot program, if you have one then adopt one

    Give money to your city beautifcation projects.

    Owners often forget about positive image marketing. This will set you apart from your competition who is already doing everything else you are doing.
  6. dsmrolla06

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    How about doing doorhangers? Fairly inexpensive depending on how theyre made.
  7. ArizPestWeed

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    $75 per thousand ?
    , I do post cards , direct mail for .12 cents each , the paper is cheaper .
    Had to think about that one fora minute
  8. rbriggs

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    We spend approx. 10% on advertising/marketing. Obviously, at first, you can't afford much advertising. We do ALOT of truck based marketing. When our crews are working in a neighborhood, they are required to put up 20 doorhangers after each job (takes about 5 mins.) and lawn signs. This is among many other things they are required to do. We also do ALOT of direct mail as well.
    We are doing our first radio campaign this year. In fact, our first ad will be on talk radio tomorrow morning. We got a great deal and split it among 7 other franchises in our area. So basically, we got an $80k campaign for about $8k per franchise, as our corporate office pays for half of the campaign. Can't beat that bargain!
  9. Lance L

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    i printed 100k doorhangers which was 3700 and then labor to pass them out, and my yellowpage ad is 600 month, local newspaper will be 110 a month. thats about as far as im going this year, ill have more door hangers when i run out but as far as types that is it for me. next year i am going to grab a few billboards, not sure on the pricing but i was mowing a lot for one of my customers and it was in downtown dallas and it was 2000 a month they told me for the amount of traffic that sees that sounds worth it to me, im not downtown though.. so shouldnt be as high, and that was a large billboard. but in marketing costs dont leave out lettering for your trucks uniforms, just about anything with your name on it you can be a marketing expense.

    imho doorhangers are the most affective but they are also more expensive thats where most of my calls come from.
  10. mrusk

    mrusk LawnSite Gold Member
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    Thanks for the ideas. I am also lettering my enclosed trailer since i am now going to use it as a job site trailer and leave in on site for the duration of the project if room permits. I haven't looked in to radio yet, i think i'd rather spend extra money on direct mail. I figure i could either do more frequent mailers, larger sized post cards, and/or greater # of postcards.


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