how do you handle bagged grass

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    i just purchased a walker ghs, and i have had one hell of a time getting the 9.5 bussels of grass in the back of my truck, i am dumping it into a tarp. i am just wondering how you load it. do you dump on your trailer, or into a tarp. or any other ways and if you have any pictures of good setups for ideas that would be great.
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    This is just an idea as I just have a WB mower, but ai have thought of how I would handle grass if I got a rear dump ZTR.
    If you have a big enough trailer lay a tarp down in the front and back your mower up your trailer ramp and dump in the front of the trailer. Maybe aven put 3-4 ft sides on the front part of your trailer. When it comes time to dump, have ropes hooked to all four corners of your tarp, hook them to your mower and pull the tarp off, un hook the two corners of the tarp closest to you then pull the tarp out of the pile of grass. This is kind of how I unload my pickup only with just me pulling on the corners of the tarp. The succsess of this with your walker will depend alot on what type of trailer you have and how much you like backing your mower, and how much other equipment you have to haul.
  3. I don't bag grass!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!

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    Never have Never will bag any grass, doulble blades and the
    dixie chopper chop the grass up so fine that there almost nothing to pick up unless were in a wt time then you just have to mow over it 2nd time and charge a little xxx for that. :blob3: :blob1: :blob4: :blob2:
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    I dump my walker catcher into used wool bales(we buy em cheap at farm supply stores),one catcher per bale,line em up behind the trailer until your finished the job,toss em in and off you go.Saves covering the load as nothing blows out the trailer.When you dump just roll em out and empty,its real quick.But when I get rich
    I'm getting a mulching deck!
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    Bagged grass? What is that?

    Ditto LGF

  7. Green Care

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    You are bagging .What????????????????????????????:confused:
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    Hey, Im not going to give you a hard time for bagging grass. I know some of us have to in our market area. Ive got a walker and an exmark. We leave our grass bagged on the curb. Since I bought the exmark we dont bag as much. The owners manual has a pic of a guy using a nylon bag. If I was hauling it off Id find the bag and just dump it in the bed each time. The exmark with the mulch deck eliminated most of our bagging but we still bag some.
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    I bought a lift system for my Walker. I don't recommend it for hilly areas. If you do get it install the tail wheel lock, it will help stabilize the now top heavy mower on inclines. The cheap alternative is a ramp into the back of the truck. You can see all the most popular ways in Vol. 10 of the Walker Talk magazine. For dumping use a Loadhandler.
  10. Jay ALC

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    I have considered a Walker for bagging and a lot of people use them in our area. Setup number one is a large lawn debris style bag you can get from Walker through your dealer or I believe you can get similar ones from say Landscaper's Supply or another mail order co. It does take two people to dump this style bag into your truck or to move them around, when they are full. Setup number two is a tailgate or trailer mount vacuum loader which many around here do use. Setup bumber three is one I like a lot for all kinds of purposes. You have a custom second gate put on the front of your trailer to back the mower into the back of your truck. This works quite nicely and even better if you have a flatbed (dumpbed) truck. These are just the ideas I can remember off the top of my head. Hope they help.

    BTW I bag grass sometimes too actually a few of my accounts on a weekly basis :eek: :)

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