How do you handle customers?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jenyss, Aug 2, 2006.

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    I had an unfortunate experience today. I had a customer call and accuse our company of billing them for 3 cuts that they said did not happen. When I checked the records, with him on the phone, I verified that in fact we did cut 4 times in July. He was very rude and continued to argue with me. Has anyone dealt with this and what are some good ways of handling it? I know " the customer is always right" but sometimes I feel like they are trying to scam us!
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    Hi Grandview,

    Thanks, I did find it. I like your smiley face and margaritaville...that sounds great!

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    As BG would say -- Big shovel
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    Simple...Take a pic each and every time you are there cutting and submit with the invoice...
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    leave a company post it on the door when you mow, or...

    tell them if they dont trust you that they need to find somone else....
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    get the 3 and get out. it will happen again.
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    THIS IS A PITA, you do not have time to deal with him. Next time it is time to mow his lawn dont. Pass out fliers during the time you would be mowing his lawn until you replace him with two good customers. There are people out there who will rip you off for the free mow, espically when it is hot. Bill him in a normal cycle, get the money you can and quit mowing his property. I used to think lthe customer is always right. Again some are rip offs, when someone seems to be a pain in the azz they are, dump them.
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    A wise man once said, "Go on take the money and run!" -Steve Miller

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