HOw do you handle scheduling?

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by magna111, Apr 26, 2018.

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    We are a small operation, currently just my father and me. I’m looking for suggestions/input on what other small companies are using to handle putting together multiple schedules and having it available to each other in real-time. I know there must be better options that how we are currently doing it, which is my dad makes the schedule and gives me a printout of my appts every morning. He is very old fashioned and stuck in his ways, but I know there is a better way. I’d like something that either of us can see and edit both schedules and will update in real time.
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    We use 'getjobber' and are very happy with it... it has an app that shows each days schedule, allows you to mark jobs complete and invoice them from an app... you can put in all your products and services with the price. So when you are out in the field doing an invoice, just start typing and they will come up.

    You can store customer info for each, as well as attach photos. Which is real nice for hard to find shutoff valves and other misc stuff. Just snap a photo and attach it to customers file. Along with any custom fields you want to add.

    It's a really smooth interface, when viewing your jobs for the day, you can easily tap to route you there with maps, tap to call homeowner, send email invoices... then there's the full software you access on a browser, best used from a computer or tablet...
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    This time of year I handle scheduling by buckling up and hanging on!!

    Seriously it's jacked.

    But to actually answer your question using the calender app on your phone (If you have an android, I have no clue about Apple or iphones) it has the option to make it available to multiple phones with scheduling changes updating in real time on all devices.
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    is your dad printed it out from a website. However he is doing it get access to that therefore you both can do it
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    A word document ...
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    That would work for you guys you just have to share a password.
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    On a non internet connected laptop. I’d need to physically get to his laptop and print it out, which is basically what we’re currently doing.
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    We work with 3000 clients a year and do it the old fashioned way-through our office. Appointments are made and invoices generated for the days work schedule. Any changes go through the office-no one accesses any online schedule as we are all working during the day and this would only serve to slow us down. Online scheduling may work for a small client base but when the numbers rise having skilled full time office support is a must plus it adds the human element to customer relations.

    Customer inquiries that the office cannot handle are dealt with at day's end or in the early evening by myself or the tech involved. We do not allow texting as it creates a sense of immediacy and changes the business- customer dynamic. When a client actually speaks with you they can be made to fully understand that everything takes place in its time.
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