How do you heat your shop ?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by scholzee, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. scholzee

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    Sorry if I am in the wrong forum I did not see one related to shops. I need a way to heat my shop, 20' x 30' has electric and natural gas. I was thinking of a waste oil heater but only have about a $2000 budget. Our electric and gas prices are high here, anyone using a waste oil heater and about how many gallons an hour do you burn ?
  2. bbailey

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    Waste oil heaters are a good source of heat. But they are a pain in the A#@ to keep clean. Sometimes it seems like it is not worth the effort. One little spec of dirt in the oil or water or anti freeze and they start acting up. Does not take much to foul them up. Then you have to shut them down and take them apart to clean them. I am speaking from experience, I have had one for 10 years and have become a "waste oil burner technician" because of it. You get real good at keeping them running. It always seems like they die on the coldest night of the year! I have since put a forced hot air system in that runs on fuel oil. Just my .02
  3. olderthandirt

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    I lock in my price in the summer so its not to bad
  4. Brendan Smith

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    i agree with mac. on the rare occasions that i get to work inside, i use a catalyst heater screwed onto a 20 lb tank. also works great for winter camping.
  5. Cavecrew

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    I found a propane heater at home depot that would put out 200,000 BTU'S
    for $99.00, be sure and get a good carbon monoxide detector. It'll heat the place up real quick then you can turn it back. I also vent the windows regardless of how cold it is.
  6. subs1000w

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    well i dont yet have a "shop" but when i get one in a year or two ill use wood because its free just have to pay the electric to circulate the water but the pump draws very little current, my grandpa has heated his house with wood for the last 55years and somtimes jokes about how much $$$$$ hes saved

    wood especially makes seince when your in this industry because you come across it ALOT and have to get rid of it somhow so just think your getting paid both to remove the wood and then again for burning it
  7. topsites

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    For the few hours I actually spend in there that I need to heat it, I use a 10k btu kerosene heater which also serves as a main source of heat for the house when it gets really cold outside (at least below 40 f). Now it takes time to warm up but you can feel it right away as there is no exhaust and the heater burns clean. You're supposed to get this K-1 keros at $8/gallon but I use standard gas station keros for 2.89 / gallon and never have a problem, 1 gallon lasts 12 hours at full burn (ps.: full burn is the ONLY burn, at least if you like your wick).

    That's what I do, spend about $20 / month on keros, the heater ran me about $120.
    And no, it doesn't burn anything else (except maybe oil lamp fuel but that costs), I tried putting just a bit of waste oil in a gallon of keros and it just doesn't work right, so straight keros or better (and not diesel or gas, kerosene lol).
  8. Up North

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    Wood. I have an outdoor wood boiler that heats my house, shop, & hot water. The thing is awesome, obviously it requires a little elbow grease when it comes to cutting wood but I chalk that up to good exercise. I'll attach a pic of it, the stove is on the the far right. This obviously was taken when I had the wood delivered, comes in 8ft lengths and I cut it up from there.



    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    Propane here not bad.
  10. Up North

    Up North LawnSite Bronze Member
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    here's a little better pic of the stove. Also you'll notice my helper slacking off as he fell asleep on a stack of wood...:rolleyes:



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