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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HacMan91, Aug 26, 2001.

  1. HacMan91

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    Ive done some searches, not much i could find. My business started 3 years ago and has increased every year. Ive been solo until this year. I have 30 yards that vary from 7-10-14 day cuts. Ive got a couple of guys that help me and the few times that I have them go out on there own, my stuff comes back broke. I baby my equip and i know that no one cares about your stuff but you. My other question is, my customers that are home during the cut want to talk to me, they like the personal touch on their yards. We talk as theyre writing a check, while my guy finishes blowing the yard. Theyre not as picky with me because i have a repore with them. When my guys do it alone i get phone calls on what theyve missed. Im a good talker so my elderly customers love me. So the question is How can I grow with all this in mind?

    52"lazer 23kaw
    36 walker 16kohler:confused:
  2. deason

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    How much are you paying your help? If you pay poor, you achieve poor results. It also sounds like they do a half job when the boss is not around. Not good for referals.
    Do they know what you expect from them? Have you given any expectations and followed up?
    They will only work as hard and as honest as they think they have to. Hold them accountable for thier actions and make the penalty stiff. You may have the wrong people working for you or this may not be thier line of work.
  3. lawnboy82

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    I would suggest to you that you do in fact let them go out on their own. Then meet up with them at some point during the day and go back over those already completed properties with them. This should be a good sign for those customers who are home, and it should also help to show your workers what you want, and any specific tricks to doing special properties. One other way, and I do know a lot of guys do this. Send a crew out, get a car that they do not know, and drive around passing the places they work at, during different parts of the day. If you know your route, and they are not where they should be, then you know that they are slackin. Also if you drive by and see how they are using the equipment, this may help you to make smarter purchases, or cull your employee herd a bit.
  4. Randy Scott

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    HacMan, maybe you just need to find different employees than these guys. It sounds like these might be your first employees and maybe they aren't the right ones.
  5. Lawn DOG

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    How much time do you spend getting paid? If you spend 1/2hr talking to a lonely old customer while they hunt down their glasses and try to remember where they left their check book then sip on a cold glass of ice tea while they tell you about their ten grandchildren(I think you get my point). How are you gonna grow? First, Stop talking to you customers and send a bill. I think its great that you are a nice enough person to take the time to take to talk to them but elderly people will talk to you all day if you let them. If you have employess, you can't tell me that sometimes you are sitting inside getting paid while they are done waiting for you. The only way you will ever grow is to make a change. You have to provide the great service and become more productive. Start billiing your customers. I think you will find this to create a lot of extra hours during the work week.
    As for the guys being rough on your equipment. Welcome to my hell.
  6. fivestarlawnken

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    Being small and solo,I probaly will never need to hire workers.I recieve the Pro magazine and have read where large outfits will offer bonuses monthly or quarterly if equip comes back in one piece etc.Maybe you can utilize somehow to save your equip.Just my thoughts.
  7. HacMan91

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    Thanks for the input. I know my helpers personally theyre pretty good guys. I talk just for a minute while theyre writing a check, ive got a route to run and dont have time to say much. The long talkers i try to leave a bill so i can get out of there. Thanks again

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