How do you keep track of your mowing accounts?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bah1491, Jan 21, 2009.

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    I have my week printed out in calendar/planner form and an excell spread sheet with date, customer name, services provided, time in-time out, and price. At the end of the day this information goes into another excell spread sheet with each customer account. It is set up to add each item and at the end of the month and print out a total due on the invoice.
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    I use a weekly canendar also for scheduleing but I do it for 2 weeks at a time. That way if weather problems or large projects come up I know which days are heavy or light and make adjustments. It also helps with empolyee scheduleing. The other form I use to list what I do - who - when - what - Time. It has space for 50 stops and it stays in the truck. That way if I need to look back to see what happened at a location I have it with me. That information also go in QB each day. I also use it as a hard copy for record keeping for taxes. I do not list the prices on any thing that I take with me in the truck. My employees do not need to be thinking about prices. Believe me they will look through your stuff. I also keep an updated list of customers and contact numbers.

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    That looks interesting can you explain your abbreviations? T B E M, and etc?
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    I use Gopher software. But I am about to switch to Groundskeeper Pro
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    I just circle the ones that I did...

    I use the "other" lines for comments regarding add-on work, sprinklers on, dog crap everywhere, etc - whatever suits my fancy.

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    Do you charge extra for bagging someones lawn? Just curious why you keep track of that?
  7. Yard.Barber

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    Very unique. Simple yet laid out well, like the boxes to keep track of mowing direction
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    I don't initially charge extra for bagging. If I can see an account will require me to bag, I'll bid accordingly.

    I just like having the relevant details so that I can watch for negative trends (such as bagging when everyone else is being mulched - or a low $$$/time ratio), etc - to protect my bottom line.

    Every so often these cards reveal to me that I misjudged a lawn and need to have a heart-to-heart with the customer...
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    Each client has a file and long with each file goes a work sheet that is filled out every time we vist ( this is a comprehensive sheet ). one copy comes home and into the file and one is left with the contact or client. this protects us and our interests as well as the clients. at the end of the week, all is entered into a file system on my computer when the billing date is due, i will either email or send an invoice , when the check comes i will check paid for that month under the clients name.. not only do i have a time in time out sheet i also watch that to determine what myself and employees can do different . example, if me and one guy are on a property and it on avg takes us 1 hr for some reason i cant make it that day and send a crew leader out and it takes him 2 hrs something isnt right and i need to be aware of that. or , vice-versa. its just what ever works for you. if a client is not paid up i will make a note on my daily calander board and this keeps me informed of accounts owed . i have found that quick books is more beneficial to me and is easy to use but whats easy for me may not be easy for you.... good luck
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    i use gopher for sched. then qbooks for invoices etc. gopher works great you can do everything in that i just dont i prefer qbooks for money but you can also get qxpress that works with qbooks.

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