How do you pay the help?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by grasscutterman, May 14, 2007.

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    How is everyone paying their help? I have been through my 3rd helper already. I have been paying 8 or 9 an hour as this is all they are worth. Every worker is slow and bad. I end up repeating a lot of what they do. These ideas were recommended to me, what do you guys think.

    1-pay the workers per lawn. Does anyone do this?

    2-if they make too many mistakes that have to be fixed take them off the clock while they are being fixed

    I am really not that big, I can only afford to pay so much because there are sooooooooo many cutters in my area that I had to drop my prices to get the work.

    idea? Thanks
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    Pay them a lower wage while training, and give them a raise incentive upon completion of training. Let them know whats all involved up front, therefore you can get a feel of your help and if they will be a waste of your time. I am so proud of one of my new guys. He Picked up a $4 Million dollar home for us today, plus landscaping. He just happened to be helping his uncle with wiring of a basement on Saturday, and asked the people about their lawn and landscape. Went by there today, and bam, signed, sealed, and delivered. I gave him a $1.75 Raise and he is still in training. Money motivates, but some people just arent cut out for this line of work. But training is key, even if you have to trained them on their lawn, your lawn, etc. Good luck!

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