How do you pick up Acorns?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Burnie, Dec 3, 2018.

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    1000 sqft isn't a very big area, thats about 32'x32' wouldn't take only an hr with a rake or backpack blower.
  2. Burnie

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    The wife has one of those, it does work on the acorns, but is only 8" wide. I hate raking, my back hates raking, my hands and arms hate raking, but that may be what it boils down to, to get them up.

    Going to see how low I can drop the deck on my mower and see what it does first. The grass/weeds is mostly dead from lack of water (rain mostly stopped the end of August), so it won't hurt to try.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
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  3. henderpa

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    Another option would be to use a roller to push them into the ground. You can comfortably/safely walk on the yard and any seedlings that sprout will be mown in the spring.
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    Just leave them to do what happens to them naturally .....I guarantee you ,once they're done falling ,a month from then you won't be able to find an acorn in that area If you don't do anything other than mow through there like you normally do. It's obviously an area underneath oak trees so it's doubtful you have much grass there anyway.
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    Are those are live oak acorns and leaves ? Man... people don't understand how aggravating those things can be. They are mighty nice trees but live oaks shed leaves year round and the acorns will drive you absolutely nuts. A backpack blower and a shovel is your best bet. 20181203_125314.jpg
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  6. Valk

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    Squirrels will do the pay them in acorns.
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  7. Burnie

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    Well I have a guy supposed to come Saturday and put down some pavers where the spa was at and do some yard cleanup (including the acorns). He is the husband of one of my wife's coworkers, and is unemployed at the moment. Going to give him $10 an hour (more if he is fast and does a good job), that is IF he shows up.
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    Ah Burnie, $10 per hr isn't worth getting out of bed for. Give him at least $15 plus tip if he does a good job.
  9. Burnie

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    Well we are in a very low pay area down here, $15 is GREAT wages for someone to make in this area, most jobs start at $9 or $10. I plan on seeing how he works, and AM going to give him more, IF he does a good job and does it quickly.
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    There is a wire roller like hand tool.that is suppose to work called a nut wizard. I have used a larger one for walnuts works pretty well for the.most part, definitely better then bending over picking them up
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