How do you picture your lesser competition?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by tcls83, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. chimmygew

    chimmygew LawnSite Senior Member
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    To each their own. I had to start somewhere, as many other people do. You want to look down on me, that is fine. I guess you are just a better person.:laugh:
  2. daveintoledo

    daveintoledo LawnSite Silver Member
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    those that look down on others trying to earn money, usually dont feel very good about themselves, so they have to bash others to make themselves feel or look better...

    if you are my competition you are not lesser... due to equipment or the vehicle you drive.... if i take you serious enough to call you competition.... then you are my sworn enemy and you must be assimilated....
    :p :p
  3. drsogr

    drsogr LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yes everyone has to start somewhere. I started with going to college, making some money, and raising the standard. Most of the people that I see running lawn care businesses are uneducated, not all of them.
  4. sheshovel

    sheshovel LawnSite Fanatic
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    Well that's my work vehicle.Old truck is what you guys were saying weren't you??Image,Image,Image..
  5. sheshovel

    sheshovel LawnSite Fanatic
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    Well that is my work vehicle and it sure did not look that way when I 1st started driving it 10 years ago.(guess it's time for some paint now huh?)
    I also wear pretty much whatever I want on the job,:cool: take my dog along with me 1/2 the time ,and can sometimes be caught swearing up a blue streak by my clients(sneaking up on me):blush:
    I also talk to myself quite alot on jobsites to keep my head on where I am at and what is next.:dizzy: So I pretty much look like you imagine your competition would look like,though we aren't in the same league
    at all.:blob1:
  6. tcls83

    tcls83 LawnSite Member
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    double post
  7. tcls83

    tcls83 LawnSite Member
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    Look at my new thread "Things handled poorly when you first started my business?" It will show you I'm not acting like my s**t doesn't stink!!:)

    By the way I obviously made an oops on the title- its supposed to be "your business." :blush:
  8. sheshovel

    sheshovel LawnSite Fanatic
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    Bumping this back up for Stuie wants to see my truck
  9. stuie

    stuie LawnSite Member
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    Thanks She............. Love it!
  10. chimmygew

    chimmygew LawnSite Senior Member
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    Actually, I started off in lawn care as a way to earn money to pay for college. That is how I was able to go. My parents worked very hard and still could not pay for it. Uneducated? Yes, I'll admit I was when I started. I have gained a lot of knowledge over the years. My point is, not everyone is financially able to start off with that shiny new Z or truck. I know I wasn't. I still don't buy what many consider to be nice trucks. They run good and look "decent". Why buy a $40,000.00 truck when I will very seldom unhook it from the trailer?

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