How do you prevent rutting?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Drivefaster35, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Drivefaster35

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    Ok I've been mowing for quit a while now but everyday I learn more. I'm looking for advice on how to prevent rutting along curbs, buildings, landscapes etc.... I change my directions every week to prevent rutting in the lawn itself but what about along the building and landscaping and whatnot. sometimes on some lawns I do the boarder with the walk behind one week and the zero turn the next because of the differnt wheelbases then mow the rest with the zero-turn. Just lookin for anymore tips or advice???:drinkup:
  2. Landrus2

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    I do all my edges with the bigger mowers no problems after 30 years :sleeping:

  3. mag360

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    I think you're talking about the inside tire divot that gradually gets bigger as the season progresses. I overshoot the tight corners and back up making a sort of three point turn. Employees seem incapable, for the most part, of recognizing that our machines made the marks in the first place and need constant reminding.
    A walk behind or a machine with alot of trim overhang will be less likely to leave these marks.

    As far as rutting in a straight line around the perimeter of any given property, I have never seen significant turf damage from this.
  4. Drivefaster35

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    from Midwest
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    I agree in the past I have had minor problems with rutting around courners and what not even with the walk behind unless I am extremly careful my only worry is using a toro z500 zero turn instead of a walk behind on the same property.
  5. bohiaa

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    try slowing down.......

    also dont twist the wheel..... always keep it turning..

    I wish my employees would log on and read some of the post here.

    this is my #1 issue. I just can seem to make them understand
  6. grass-scapes

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    Hover mower
  7. tb8100

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    ding ding ding! we have a winner! :laugh:

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