How do you price aeration/overseeding jobs?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Honey Do Crew, Jul 18, 2012.

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    My minimum has been $150 for aerating only but looking at the CL adds this year that may be difficult. Saw an add that offered aerating for $45 dollars. Impossible to make money at those prices. Aerating is HARD work. Its alot of money for a piece of equipment you can't only use for a limited amount of time each year. Keep that in mind. Yea you can always rent a machine but good luck getting everyone to want their yards done on the same day. Either way, figure out your minimum charge for aerating, then figure out what it costs you for seed and fertilizer per thousand. You should put down about 8# seed per thousand. Then figure out what you need to charge per thousand for lawns out of the minimum to make some money. Hope this helps not the BEST site out there but better than alot
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    You still grossed $400 for that day not netted. You still need to take out your overhead and truck cost. BTW $400 per day, I'll do that in mowing and not feel like I'm going to die when I get home. Aeration you should be closer to a grand a day if your doing fert and seed while there.
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    Don't know why I cant get the link to my page to work. Sorry
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    Do any of you ask the homeowner to flag the heads so liability is off you in case it's a yard your not familiar with? (maybe most people don't even want to fool with that)
    Also I might buy the new ride on aerator that suppossedly can punch out 4-5" any of you state that your not responsbile for anything under ground? i have seen some irrigation lines just under the surface before.
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    got an ad in mail from a larger company in my area today. $99.00 aeration and overseeding up to 3k sq. ft. i had planned on my minimum being $175 but had planned on multiple passes with the aerator.

    it makes me wonder, way back in the old days when gas was around 1 dollar a gallon and i was doing this type of work the going price was much, much higher.. how does it go down as the fuel goes up?
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    My min IS $175 for up to 10K sq ft this is just aeration no overseeding. I'm at a loss trying to figure out how some of these guys are surviving with the prices they are charging, even the bigger guys in the area are lowballing now!
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    Once people get burned by the lowballer and the results are horrible they usually don't get repeat business from the same customer. Repeat business you don't have to advertise for because its free.
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    wow some of you work for free
    when a aerator cost 3 to 9 grand and you work for low prices how do u think u will ever get a new machine.

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