How do you price for spring clean ups

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rene, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Rene

    Rene LawnSite Member
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    Trying to figure what a good price is for spring clean ups .
    Last year we charged $ 15.00 an hr/per person.
    This year I put down $20.00 . I figured that I work at a funiture factory 8 hrs. a day and when i work o/t it's almost $ 20.00, Is this to much to ask or am I in the ball park, with taxes, insur, and expenses. an ect.
    The lawn care is my wifes business and she and my two daughters do 90% of the work, I help when I get out of work.

    I do most of the pricing and bibs for her. She loves the work but has a hard time aproaching people for the first time. but after the price is set , she is all set..
    Well anyway up here we have a lot of back roads, Lawns are full of gravel and sod from the snow plows. Rake,Rake and more raking. Or rent a sweeper.

    any info. thanks Rene
  2. Lombardi

    Lombardi LawnSite Senior Member
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    $65/hr. They are a lot of work. Charge accordingly.
  3. Pecker

    Pecker LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I don't do much Spring clean-ups. Instead, I try to encourage my customers to have me there at least once a month in the Winter. However, its been my experience that people aren't willing to pay a fair price for hard labor (Spring clean-up). But I shoot for $1/minute on everything I do. My reasoning is why do spring clean-ups just because somebody tried to save money by waiting all Winter. They need to spend at least that much $$ to have to removed in the Spring after it has matted all up. Keep in mind, I 'm Southern US and our Winters aren't that cold. Personally, at $15 an hour I'd go in the hole. The reason for being and entrepeneur, taking risk, and toting the note for expensive machinery and insurance is for a reward. Working for free of minimum wage is no reward to me. So I'd rather sit at home and pick my nose than break my back for nothin'.
  4. Precision

    Precision LawnSite Silver Member
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    Rene, Lombardi may be high or he may be low. It all depends on your competion and the going rate for labor, and the like.

    I too am a small business, but I know my hourly rate at my former job has no relation to what I need to charge doing lawn work. At my old job, they paid rent, insurance, electric, equipment payment and all the other fun stuff. Then they paid me. You are now paying salary (even if it is just your own) and all the other stuff. Figure all that out and I doubt you can really work for less than $30/hr without working for free.

    If you can let me know the secret, or you aren't paying for liability insurance and the other minimums to be a legit business.
  5. turf9

    turf9 LawnSite Member
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    my experiance is to avoid telling the hr rate to the cust.I am solo so I look at the job and figure im worth at least $40 an hour,Estamate the job in my head on the high side,useually it goes faster and you make more than that $40.This is free advice I know but avoid hr rates and how long it will take (as far as the customer is concerned).After doing a spring worth of them you will get the idea of how long things take. By the way on the gravel thing cut the lawn short as you can and use a back pack blower. Sunday morning free advice from old turfhead9.Feel fre to through it in the recycle bin
  6. Rene

    Rene LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your replies.
    And for keeping up on clean-ups during the winter, That's imposable,are snowbanks around here are any
    where for 2 to 5 ft. high. we still cann't see have of are lawns yet.

    Presicion; We are a legit business. We are licence through State of VT. all are equipment , truck and business are insured.
    I was tring to get info on spring clean ups. Are income is mainly from mowing during the summer.
  7. Stihl036pro

    Stihl036pro LawnSite Member
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    I know for a fact in Vt everything is much cheaper than whare I live. I was up in northern VT snowmobleing last winter and I was taking to one of the locals up there, I had mentioned that I have a landscaping business in Ct. He asked me how much it would cost to plow his driveway if his driveway was in CT. I said about 65 bucks, You should have seen his mouth hit the floor. He said the guy the lives around here charges me 15 bucks a strom. My mouth hit the floor when I heard that. It depends on your location and your overhead. 15 bucks an hour is so cheap. Thats what I was making in high school working for the people around my neiborhood. I would last aleast try to get 30 an hour, if you dont have much overhead. I need $40 an hour to survive. Thats just me though.
  8. Precision

    Precision LawnSite Silver Member
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    I agree with Turf. On the pricing issue, you just have to bite the bullet and put a $ figure out there. I did a clean up today. I quoted the lady $450 and told her it would take me most of the day to do and maybe a little of tomorrow or I might bring a helper for a few hours.

    She said, well I have a bid from someone esle for $18 per hour. (This other bid was by phone and he never looked at the property).

    I responded, that is my price. But, I would suggest that you have no idea how long it will take him and did you ask if he has insurance. The light went off in her head. She called me 2 hours later telling me I won the bid.

    I figured 9-11 man hours @ $40 per hour. I worked 8 hours my helper worked 4 hours. So I made good money and she was happy with the work.
  9. Phishook

    Phishook LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Same as fall clean-ups. $85 for two guys, one mower with vac and jrco rake, and one guy blowing out the beds and loading truck.

    ps. probably any less than 27-30 a man hour is either low balling or cutting yourself short.
  10. moneyman

    moneyman LawnSite Member
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    What furniture company do you work for.?
    I tried for a long time to find furniture that was made in the usa and only could find a few brands?

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