how do you price jobs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by danlawnser, Feb 16, 2001.

  1. danlawnser

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    What do you charge per hour? Should I price on the job or by hour? It was a mulching job. It took me about 9 hours to mulch and trim bushes? I had to wheelbarrel a lot of it. It was 15 scoops(Ford bucket tractor) of mulch. I cannot work as fast as you guys because I don't have the same equipment and knowledge. I am only 15. thanks for the feed back.
    tools used were: a landscape wheelbarrel, big pitch fork, and a 4 by 8 trailer
  2. motor86

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    I would charge $100 for that. If they question you on price, say...

    $8.00 an hour my labor = $72
    I had to pay my uncle $30 for use of his trailer.

    That is $102, but $100 is fine.
    Remember to say please when you ask them for the money. Thank you's go a long way. Always say thanks whenever you recieve money for a service.

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    8.00 bucks an hour- man go to walmart and work in the air conditioner.

    I wouldn't take under 35.00 per hour for anything I do, wheelbarring is manual labor. Though if you felt it should have took you a considerable amount less time, then factor that in your final price-3.0 man hours = 105.00. If it is 9.0 man hours = 315.00. You should have gave the customer a basis on how you would charge before you started the job if you think 315.00 is going to make their eyes pop out. If you think it should have only took you 3 hours, charge 105.00. good luck on your decision.
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    I agree with MIDSOUTH, except that this guy's only 15. I am sorry, but I can't see most people paying a 15 year old $35 an hour. But I agree that $8 is a little cheap. If I were 15, I'd rather go work at Safeway with cute chicks and air conditioning if I just wanted to make $8 an hour. So maybe somewhere in between. I know when I was just starting out at age 25 I was happy to be making $18 an hour. That was 50% more than I'd ever made at any other job. If I were 15, just starting out, I guess I'd want to make $12 an hour. Yah, I'd be pretty dang happy with that. If I could get more, sure.
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    I agree with JIM and Midsouth, 8 is to cheap, if you are doing a professional job and you put on the appearance of a true company, and just a kid trying to make a few bucks then act like it and charge more because that is what it takes to be a company, If you don't charge more and make a profit, then how will you ever grow and purchase new equipment.
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    I'am with everyone else here...DON'T GIVE YOUR SERVICES AWAY....For you 10 to 15 an hour would great or the Safeway idea with cute chicks works too!GOOD LUCK,JRB...............If you are going to charge 10 to 15 an hour..Don't drag your feet and work along at a good pace.

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  7. The part I find hard to believe is that some people with actually hire CHILDREN as landscape contractors.

    A child (anyone under 18) has no insurance, cannot sign a contract, and since they have no workmanÂ’s comp insurance the homeowner will be libel if the child gets hurt and will have to cover any property damage.

    I feel we are doing these children and ourselves great disservice by offering encouragement to work in the green industry.

    The encouragement we should offer is for these children to go on to college instead of becoming a "lawnboy" which do to their lack of education they will be on the lowest rung of the economic and social ladder their entire lifetime.

  8. Dillon

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    Sorry that Stone feels that lawn guys are on the lowest rung of the economic and social ladder. I think it's great that this kid is out working and trying to make something out of himself. He could be out causing trouble but instead he decided to do something to make himself and his life better and who's to say that this kid is not an "A" student. He's on here trying to learn and seems to be well spoken. I give him tons of credit for being this ambitious and wanting to make something out of himself. We need more kids like this.I have heard so many people say these kids today don't have a good work ethic, so when we find one that does we should encourage him not discuorage him and maybe he will make something out of himself and not become one of the boys in the hood. I think its great what you are doing Danalawnser keep up the great work and always skip past the people that are negitive about what you are doing, they are usually just jealous that weren't smart enough to do what you are doing when they were your age. That's just my opinion but I could be wrong. NOT
  9. danlawnser

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    thanks dillon. I plan on staying in this business a long time.
  10. jrblawncare

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    STONE,And YOU never pushed a 21" before you were 18 for a neighbor for 10 bucks?

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