How do you prove you were there??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LawnScapers of Dayton, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. TempleLawnCare

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    Steer clear of kodak, they will not uphold their warranty. Cannon seems to make very nice cameras. Make sure you find a nice LEATHER case to put it in to keep the dust out as well.
  2. cpllawncare

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    I'm sorry but if the customer has trust issue's I don't need to be their landscaper.
  3. newguy123

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    Yeah...but a running log of 5 months in the past, for this customer and dozens of others? That's pretty convincing to me.
  4. nobagger

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    WHy would you drop a customer just because he questioned you. I guess if this customer is a real pita like we all have or had at some point then I can see but in these days good paying customer's are golden.
  5. chuacro

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    I have never had a customer question my service. If I did I would ask the customer what kind of proof they needed. I would do my best to take care of that customer. I am not going to spend time to prove to customers that I have done my service over the last few years. I do good to just leave bills for payment when needed. I just turn away too many new customers to put up with headaches.
  6. cgaengineer

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    With time and date stamp...
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  7. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    He was new this year and from the getgo was leaning toward PITA......After I did the second clean up on Oct 16 he emailed and stated he was going to handle the lawn for the rest of the season. I OKed that and moved on. He signed a written agreement this summer that clearly stated the terms of service as of Oct 1. All customers are made aware that leaf clean ups will be faster and lighter early in the fall and slower and heavier later in the fall. It is a process. The charges remain level throughout until all the leaves are down. Usually 4-5 visits. He is not from this area and didnt get it from the beginning. He did not believe that i was there on Oct 2. So basically he was accusing me of charging him for service not provided....just because he could not recall it being done. I do not need that crap.....and have signed a number of new clients recently......dont need him either.....goodbye...
  8. gcbailey

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    we have several vacation properties and we always take a couple before and after pics and either email them or send them via text message.
  9. clydebusa

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    Same here. In 30 years I have had 2 customers do this. I will comp that mowing and drop them at the end of the contract. (PERIOD)
  10. jsslawncare

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    Where I'm at I can usual leave a pile of "proof that I was there" on the edge of there back yard. It's rare that I haul away any leaves because everyone usual has a spot to leave them on their property.

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