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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by anothertractor, Mar 20, 2005.

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    I did my first leaf clean up job yesterday and thought that I had a plan. I took my truck and 14 foot trailer and thought that I was going to take the leaves home to a pile where I burn brush ,etc. I quickly realized that I did not have enough space on my equipment to remove the leaves. The property owner told me that I could burn them on his place so I did. After I was finished, he said that his daughter wanted a leaf removal quote. She has 3 times as many leaves as her dad. They are nestled in Juniper Beds, etc. This is a steep lake lot with about 10000 square feet of junipers going down to the lake. I am not sure how to remove the leaves from the junipers or the property. I told him that she might want to get someone with a vac truck but I could sure use a job with a lot of labor. Any advice??
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    Blow them down the hill into the lake and let mother nature take its course.
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    Shred & Vac? Vacuum attachement for a handheld blower for removing them from the Juniper, blower for the rest.
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    If your looking for alot of labor time, there is the old time tested, rake and tarp. Not sure how big junipers are? If creeping junipers, leaves are dry, and you can use a blower, you should be able to blow out of the beds to one end or at least the borders end.

    I like the lake idea, but, I would not do that without the homeowners approval. And even with the approval, I would get in writing that you are just the labor and they take all responsibility if any laws or bylaws are violated. No matter what, if there is others around the lake, be prepared to have a neighbor there, after you start hitting the water, wandering what the "H" you think you are doing!

    I try to stay away from actual REMOVALS. I like to keep them on the property whenever possible. On several properties I have, that have tons of leaves, they have woods around the property. I use a Z with a Cyclone Rake vac system to pickup, then dump in woods. On a couple, the woods is too dense or have steep hills too steep to get equipment in for dumping. So, I dump at edge of woods then use motor off the vac with a 30' pickup hose on intake side and a 35' hose on the discharge side and blow the leaves about 50-60 feet into the woods or down the hill.

    Hauling away leaves is a real pain. Burning is not an option here, besides I hate smell. Most of my residentials have city pickup on leaves, you just have to get them to the curb. My commercials have very small and or few trees so they get mulched and maybe alittle bagging and pitched in their dumpsters unless too much then they get hauled to Recycle center.
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    Only sold one leaf clean-up this winter. We went through over a 150 30-gal trash bags. Piled them all out by the curb for trash pick up. It was a tremendous pile. Of course, we told the customer we'd be doing that on the front end. The city garbage service has a limit on how many bags they'll pick up in a single stop. They took about half one week and the rest a week later.

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