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How do you respond to a client’s budget?


LawnSite Member
Myself I'm a one man show. I have a couple properties. That is a ongoing job. Breaking the jobs down over the years. The majority of my customers are retired. & lives on a budget.


LawnSite Member
Monroe, MI
Tell her what you can do for the $1000. Someone else's budget is no concern of mine as far as if what we price the job at doesn't hit their budget they need to find someone else. I have zero problem saying no. Do they go into the grocery store with $400 of groceries in the cart and tell the checkout person it needs to only be $200 because that's what their budget allows? No
They need to take half of what they have in the cart out.
100% spot on! As an industry, we need to make it clear we are no different than other businesses who expect fair pay. Don't beat around the bush and don't bother spending time doing the quote. Tell her immediately that $1,000 will only begin to cover ripping out the existing bed and getting it ready. If she doesn't have the money then suggest a downgrade. If still no compromise then drop her and move on. She's wasting your time at that point. "Ms. So and so, I can clear your bed out, haul away the material, and get the bed ready for new planting, but that's as far as I'll be able to go on a $1000 budget.' if she gets someone else drive by in a month or so and admire the crap job they did--that is if they actually get it done. For a shoestring budget you'll only be able to hire Johnny Crackhead on Craigslist.