How do YOU set up/secure accounts over the Winter for SPRING?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by A1Lawns, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. A1Lawns

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    Would love to know what everyone does over the long winter months for marketing their biz for the Spring.
    I understand that generally the best time to advertise is the early Spring for new seasonal accounts but I'm sure there are tons of ideas out there to set up accounts all throughout the Winter.
    If this thread has already been discussed I apologize as I have not seen one yet that discusses this topic thoroughly.

  2. A1Lawns

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    I see views but no responses.
    Your telling me this topic has been discussed before?
    If anyone knows the thread please let me know.
    I find it hard to believe this not to be a hot topic, if it already has'nt been.

  3. landscaper22

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    Being in the north is much different than servicing in the south. I try to service most of my properties year round, so I don't worry much about seasonal accounts anymore. I do have some seasonal properties though. I don't have much snow to contend with, so I can service properties all year. Winter is a good time to come up with new marketing ideas, review and reflect on last years numbers, or to make changes in your business. This past winter I made up postcards to send out to select home owners in early spring, offering a free fertilizer application when you sign up for service. I got no calls....
    Do you do any snow removal? You may be able to add that service to to your existing customers and make your service a year-round thing.

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