• PPP The Second Time Around
    The Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020 passed in December contained $284 billion for the renewed Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Click here to read the article.

How do you spell relief? P-E-E-B-U-C-K-E-T


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After purchasing an enclosed trailer, it became quickly apparent that the BEST feature was a secluded place to PEE!! Instead of having to wait for a place where there happens to be a restroom (business or someones bushes) .. NOW, we can just go in the big green bucket!! THE PEE BUCKET!!! Of COURSE it is emptied all the time .. and once a week, it is bathed in bleach .. anyone else find this GREAT feature?!?

[Side-note ... Last week, someone didn't empty the bucket.. and just happened to move it under where the blower tubes are. Without noticing, I started the blower. Pee ALL over me!!!! That was the closest to puking I have been without actually puking. MAN was it bad!! You HAVE to make sure to empty the bucket!]



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That's exactly what I was thinking, Eric! Here we go again!

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Please refer to the thread "Peein in the bushes"

All your deep questions can be answered there.
Have fun reading!

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ive found that my leaf topper comes in mighty handy when nature calls. if not the bushes are a great spot, or even the wheelwell of the truck.


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I didn't know someone already created such a topic. I'm a bit disappointed that someone beat me to the punch .. I guess I'll have to do a bit of backtracking and read what has already been said!