How do you start a lawn treatment program?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lee Homan, Feb 4, 2000.

  1. Lee Homan

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    I'm interested in starting lawn treatment programs for my customers. I'm absolutely in the dark when it comes to this and was wondering if someone could outline a typical yearly plan for me. Include what chemicals it would include, what they do and when to apply them. Also, could you tell me how you went about obtaining pesticides/fertilize license and if their is some study book available for it? Thanks for the help.<p> Lee
  2. WOLF

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    Contact the department of agriculture in your state. They will have information on books; Applying pesticides correctly and Ornamental and Turf. They will also have information on test dates and sites in your area. I hope this information is useful to you.
  3. Retro67

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    I second what Wolf said. The books will answer your questions. By the time you are done looking them over, you will have a much better idea how to approach this and what questions to ask. <p>John
  4. fireball

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    The easiest thing to do is go to your nearest Lesco store and they will write you a program with all the variables that meet your business. The price is right its free' but you have to come to the table with how many properties, what is the square footage, soil tests, how many applications do you want to make, etc. They can't write a program for you if you don't know what you are doing. Writing a program varies from location to location and what works in one area won't work in another area. Scots has their four step program which is a start point. Step one Halts plus(pre-emergent plus fert)step two Plus 2 (weed&feed)step 3 summer insect control(dursban+fert) step 4 winterizer(straight fert). Each state has their own rules and regulations for liscence and without knowing where your are from any information would probably be the wrong thing to tell you. Talk to your county agent or nearest Lesco store
  5. Lee Homan

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    I went to my local dept. of agriculture extension last friday and got all the info I think you guys are talking about. It included a study guide for obtaining your pesticides license and actually included the test too that you take at home and send in.<p>The guy that worked there said there were some fertilizers that would require a license but referred me to the ag. commissioner. Haven't called him yet. Also got some good info on how to care for common turf types in my area, which by the way is North Alabama. <p>Most customers I think would be interested in lawn treatment have bermuda lawns, a few have fescues but very little.<br>Most either use Chemlawn or somebody local or just don't have it done. <p>One concern I have is the complaints I hear from customers about the results from these treatments? I hear alot of them complain about chemlawn or some of the other guys around here. They'll try maybe chemlawn for awhile than they switch.<br>Than a few months down the road they try someone else. I'll have one customer who is pleased about chemlawns results when the guy down the street is complaining. I'm just using Chemlawn as an example and not all customers are like that but there are few.<p>
  6. curlawngreen

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    The biggest question would be do you !!! know why they complain and do you !! know what to do: what it cost to do it, when to do it.<br>Timing is everything.
  7. Lee Homan

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    Most complaints are about weeds still coming up especially nut grass. This seems to be a hard weed to manage. I know Chemlawn will come back out if a customer is not satisfied but I wonder how they obsorb the cost whether it's already built in or they eat it. I would hate to ruin a good relationship with a mowing customer over lawn treatments. I dunno, maybe just paranoid.

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