How do you store your gas engines for the winter

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by skeet, Aug 31, 2009.

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    I know it's early in the season and I still have another 10 weeks of grass cutting and roto-tilling the gardens but very soon I'll be power washing and putting some of my equipment away for the winter. My question is... how do you store your gas engines for the winter?
    Do you cut off the gas from the gas tanks and run the engines until the engines cutoff from lack of fuel? My father used to do this and then remove the spark plugs, place 2-3 drops of 30w oil... place the plugs back and turn over the engine a couple of times.
    With the new Ethanol gas what is the proper recomendation for storing and winterizing gas engines that will not be used for 4-6 months. I always use stabil gas additive but I have a concern with ethanol gas just sitting in the carbs all winter.
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    I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on StaBil. I know I've used it for as long as I can remember and never had a problem. Using some kind of gas treatment is better then not using any :rolleyes:

    The link below will take you to their site, the water is there for those to drink :laugh:
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    My stuff does not sit up that long to be put up for winter, maybe the trimmers and edger. but Stabil is what I will use. I sometimes would go out there and run everthing a little while anyway. When you fire it up when it's cold outside it might get you in the working mood to remember the days.
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    Drain gas out and then run engine dry. Fill up in spring and runs perfect each time.

    was taught to do this when young and have never had bad luck. Ever.
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    I use stabil but didn't realize there is a Marine Stabil. Lots of watermen and boaters in my area and enthanol is really screwing-up the engines. Startron is the maraine gas treatment found around here. According to the boaters u may need to change your fuel filters after uaing the marine formula gas treatment...really cleanes the tanks and lines. Thanks for the link

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