How do you Target Wealthy Clients in Lawn Care Marketing?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by SydneyLawnCare, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Hi guys, I am 17 and just starting out. I was wondering how can you target in the lawn care market when your aiming at the resedential market? I understand that there are late bloomers and there are wealthy clients.. then there are middle class people.

    My question is if I were to do a blanket drop marketing campaign of marketing to 50,000 wealthy homes and made the door hangers targeted to their problems, fears, psychology, etc. Can I get a reasonable response rate or a small one considering that it is a blanket drop? It seems like a targeted blanket drop if that makes sense.

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    I have some suggestions for you. Now I'm not sure how the following methods would work in Australia, but here in the states this method has proven very successful and fairly inexpensive compared to traditional direct mailing for us.

    When I started to look into forms of direct mail, I noticed that we (more often than not) had to pay for the rights to the mailing lists, postage, and printing (which I believe is at least marked up to some degree). This proved to be rather expensive to me and since I had the time in the off seasons I started to get creative.

    I'm located in a suburban area outside of Washington, DC and primarily am working for residential landscape installation and maintenance customers. I guess you could say that we work in a fairly concentrated area, so I am familiar with what neighborhoods are more likely to use our services.

    So if you have a pretty good idea where your hotspots are, you should be able to go to white pages neighborhoods (or the Australian equivalent) and start entering street names and cities/territories. You should be able to see most addresses on that particular street.

    Here in the states there is a stamp that is significantly lower for I found out what the largest postcard size was that would be able to mail with that stamp... went to the local printer to get a design (usually for no additional cost) and had them create and print glossy postcards. You may want to look around to a couple printers to be sure that you get a fair rate on the printing....some printing companies may outsource the printing..possibly increasing the cost.

    I would write "Current Resident" as the recipient and then go thru and write the street addresses off each street in a given neighborhood that I would want to target by hand. It is a little tedious (maybe I have too much time in the offseason:) ), but you will save a lot of money! We have had a great success rate over the last few years with this method. Last year we reached a certain point of I don't go to0 crazy with this method anymore..but every year we at least go thru our customer list to find the most frequented neighborhoods and have a few thousand cards printed for these neighborhoods that has some kind of "Special Community Rates."

    Just a thought to consider...

    Lawn Artsts
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    How much are the stamps and how much are the cards?

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