How do you tell a customer you don't do appointments?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ready to Mow, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Ready to Mow

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    I periodically have customers want to know when I'm planning to show up even though I said I'll be there on a certain day. The problem with this is it's not efficient. I can't sit around for 30 minutes waiting until 2 o clock to roll around. Or rush a job because you have to go meet someone. I'll give today as an example. A job took a little longer than I thought cleaning up brush so I ended up having to go mow a yard before going to empty the trailer so I could be on time. Well by the time I got the yard done the brush place was closed and now I have a trailer sitting in the driveway with branches in it and I have to basically drive to it again because I missed closing by 5 minutes.

    That's only one of the problems with making appointments.
  2. wishfull

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    Our estimator will make appointments with customers for landscaping jobs and for some mowing jobs. We never make appointments for our work crews to be at any one's place at any certain time. Explain to them that because of job constraints it is extremely hard to ascertain any given time when you or your work crew could meet at a certain allotted time. Tell them that in order to do so would very likely increase costs to them and just explain basically to them what you told us in your post.
  3. AL's

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    Ive never had someone ask to schedule a specific time on specific day. Everyone gets a specific default day to start on when they sign up, which is based upon the route they would fit the best on. Then it is explained that throughout the year the day will move ahead and behind according to the weather.

    If I had someone ask for day and time set in stone I would simply say that due to weather and packed schedules we are unable to do that, however we will be as consistent as possible given those 2 factors.
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  4. Ready to Mow

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    I had one customer last year who I told them to find someone else cause they always wanted to know an exact time and they treated me as if I was on call. I never could get them to get on a regular schedule. I was a happy camper after dropping that nut case.
  5. iand

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    Over the years I've had a few clients request a specific time if I can fit it into my run I will try and accommodate them, if It's hard to arrange or they actually demand I do so in order to keep them as clients then they soon become ex clients
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    I’ve only had one ask for a specific-ish time (after 4) since the wife is a nurse and works nights and is sleeping in the day. They were a neighbor is was mowing, so I just put it at the end of the schedule and it worked fine or I’d do it early before she got home. Other than that, no guarantee on time, unless they want me to be like a Sears refrigerator repair we had done once with a guaranteed appointment somewhere between 8AM and 4 PM.
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  7. Charles

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    I try and show up near the same time frame every time. Like some customers I mow in 7 to 12 time frame. Some I mow in the afternoons 1 to 3:30. So they have some general idea when I will be there. I try and mow the same day every time, weather permitting. Good for me because they are there or know when to leave a check.. Difficult jobs are scheduled when it is cooler and I have more energy
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  8. Matthews Lawn Care

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    That’s why you say “I’ll be there sometime between 2-3pm”.
  9. greenfire

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    Yes give the people a 3 hours window.. and say that's the best I can do.
  10. KerbDMK

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    That also helps them to know when to have the hoses put away, the dog doo picked up, and the kid’s toys put away.
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