How do you upload photos?

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    Just got me a new digital camera and I don't know how to get the pictures from the camera to the Internet or onto lawnsite to be specific. The camera came with a program that is now on the computer, that when I plug in the camera the photos download onto the computer, but from there I'm lost as to what to do from there. Any help is greatly appreciated. The camera is a Nikon Coolpix 4600. I don't know if that helps or not, just thought I'd throw in that info.
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    Well ya gotta save the pics in a JJPEG format and use your cameras program on your computer to save and to resize them to 800x600 orx 800 pixels max.then read the instructions in the Pictures Forum and follow those to upload your pics to the site
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    Here are the basics steps.

    1. Left click on Post Reply,
    2. Type a message or short note in the "Your Reply" area,
    3. Below the reply box you will see the area: "attach files", below it will say "manage attachements"
    Click that, then click browse which will open your computer

    4. Find the file/picture on your hard drive you want to post on LawnSite.
    5. Double click or left click to select the file/picture, then click upload
    6. You can then check your spelling or Submit your Reply.
    If you picture is within the parameters of 800 x 600, your picture will be posted, if not you will get a message that your picture is too large.

    If you get the message that your picture is too large you will have to resize the image. You must have a software program that allows you to edit/manipulate images.
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    Cool!! Thanks, I'll give it a try.:waving:

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