How do you Weed/Feed Commercial Sites?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dantelawn, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. dantelawn

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    I need some help or suggestions with large commercial size applications. We currently use the Perma Green machines. A few of these on a site can make decent time yet are a pain with spraying (small tank). I have read the posts on the Z spray and it looks interesting, yet I am not ready now to drop another 7K. We do own a small JD tractor that we can rig with a vicon spreader but then spraying is a problem. Please help. How do you all do it? Liquid? Granular? Tractor set up? Thanks.
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    This is a "Time is Money" Business. And I believe in the realm of mowing, line trimming, edging, blowing, etc - that theory holds true. A skilled person can expeditiously service a lawn and make it look really good. The weed and feed aspect, however, requires attention and careful application. I'd stay "old school" with the drop/rotary spreader (tractor pull or manual push depending on the size of the job), stick with Scotts, buy in bulk, and pay careful attention to how you apply it. You will reap the benefits later on and your customers will be very pleased. There is no shortcut is this part of the job - so just spend the effort on quality before quantity, and the work and your product will snowball from there!
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    sounds like you might be using a newer Perma Green? the older models will do 64k with the 8gal tank. you can still get the jettee nozzels and smaller venturi system from perma green to convert the newer system (32K coverage) into the older 64k coverage.
    64k should work out ok, or at least better, you'll be filling the tank half as often
  4. cemars

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    Drop the 7 grand for the Z-Spray, or as I now call it the "free-spray". I increased revenues over 30K this year by adding a Z-Spray without any additional payroll expence. The Z-Spray makes the PG look like a toy.
  5. greenerpastures

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    Most of my business is acre+. Wouldn't be in business without the z. Previous to the z I used a JD gator and 20 ft. boom sprayer. Also had a 200 lb. spreader attachment for it. Don't care much for it because it mounted behind and it strains the neck. Gator+sprayer+spreader cost is greater than that of zspray. Still use the gator for large area sprays, never for spreading anymore.
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    Back in the early 90's we had a comapny in NC build a spray system for a smalll ford tractor, I believe it had 2 -40 gallon tanks mounted right above the front tires, and a 20' boom off the back. This allowed us to keep the vicon hooked up and it was the first true spray an spread machine.

    This machine was only used on our commercial sites, and worked great, At the time we did alot of sports fields and you could spray and spread a football field in minutes.

    Now a days unless thats all you do the cost is just too much compared to a z or PG. A new 4x4 tractor big enough for this would set you back close to 20k, then another 2k for the vicon and 4-5k for the spray system, So your talking almost 30k compared to less than 9k for a z.

    If you already have the tractor and vicon, then I would recommend picking up a 3-point hitch spray system, Ive used low bed trailers where I carried both the vicon and spray system and changed by myself from spraying to spreading just by backing tractor next to trailer and disconnecting one item for the next.
  7. James Cormier

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