How do you work travel time?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by McKeeLand, Mar 4, 2007.

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    I was just curious what every one else was doing when it comes to your employees and travel time. For the most part my employees meet me at the yard in the morning and we leave from there. My foreman who drives the truck always gets paid from the time we leave the yard until he gets back at the end of the day. my question is how do you work the hours on you laborers. when we have to travel 45 min one way i cannot see paying the labors for a free ride to work basically and a free ride home. if we have to load up the trucks in the morning and then head out i always start everyone at that time. but if i am just saving them gas why should i pay them to sit in the truck. i could just tell them to meet us at the job. you should know that we don't do maintenance anymore and that we are mainly a hardscape install company and usually work at the same job for several days or more. thanks for you in put.
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    Legally, if the workers met you at your yard and you drive them to the job, you have to pay them. Thats the law.

    Its unprofessional to have employees drive their own cars to the actual job site. Maybe have them met you at a shopping center 5 or ten minutes from the job
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    i agree with mrusk, anyway why should your employees be penalized when you sell work further away.
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    The laws of all states are different but here you must pay them from the time they show up until they leave. Have them meet at the job, or close by, if you don't want to pay the drive time.

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