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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Dirt Boy, Jul 22, 2007.

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    Sorry to bother you with a dumb question ... but:
    - I have never built a pond/waterfall and haven't done much studying on it, so cut me a break please!

    I was approached about constructing a small waterfall, stream, pond. Not very big, probably about a total of 25' long, small waterfall 3' tall, pond about 5' dia., stream about 2' wide.

    I will most likely pass on it, or give them a big break if they are willing to work with me.

    Anyway, my questions are: 1. When you install your fountain/waterfall feature, do you create a base out of ??? to build on? My concern is that this is on sand and over time could start falling apart due to freeze/thaw, and who knows what else.
    2. Do you use foam to hold the stone in place when doing this?

    I would use a liner, etc. but don't want it falling apart if somebody bumps into it either.

    3. What book, etc. would you recommend to get up to speed.


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