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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by alf500series, Jun 19, 2014.

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    question for the pond builder gurus... how do you go about figuring your labor when you price pondless water features.. is there a formula you use, just a rough guess on what it would take, figure labor on each item, etc. i have built several water features but just billed the HO per hour. i know there is an easier way just not sure of the best method. please help
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    Experience. As you do more and more you will be able to look at the design plans and site and come to a pretty good guess of how many days with so many guys. I can tell you how many hours it would take us, but I have no clue what you have for equipment, how efficient your operator is, how efficient your guys are, what kind of materials, complexity of design.
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    Agreed. You just learn from experience. Around here, you wouldn't land any water feature installs if you were just bidding T+M. Customers want a firm bid price. Just comes from experience. The first few we installed, we took it in the shorts. But that's how you learn, man. After that we got a lot better at knowing how long a given water feature would take to build and what sort of obstacles we might run into. Then we add a little more hours than what we're expecting and that's our fixed price. Nowadays we usually come in at or under our estimated time to build. But every once in a while we still go over. That's the nature of any kind of landscape construction.

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